Testimony 18 out of 225 in the murder case Narges Achikzei

Really too sick for words. Can only be found in certain cultures of the Netherlands. This tends to be an honor killing. Perpetrator may go to jail fo a long time. Barbaric behavior is in most people, yet there are people who come from a gene pool where barbaric behavior is significantly better under control. Education, and therefore culture, can also contribute a great deal to suppressing this kind of behaviour. If you are taught that loss is also part of life and that it is not a bad thing that you sometimes lose, you are already much better off against life. It is different in certain cultures where certain behaviour smudges the whole family with a 'shame', in many Eastern cultures the behaviour of the female family members in particular is a reason for committing horrible crimes, whereas in most Western cultures this type of behaviour at most leads to quarrels and broken relationships. In the east it often leads to horrific mutilation, torture and murder. It is therefore something that is culturally determined, in fact Western civilization is superior to many other cultures in this field.