Honour killing story: Lisa

Honour killing story Lisa born: 1996 strangled: 14 May 2016 Location: Wuppertal Origin: Nigeria Children: one baby (3 months) Perpetrator: her boyfriend Austin E. (20 years) On May 14, 2016, Austin from Nigeria breaks some ribs of his girlfriend’s and strangles her with bare hands in her apartment. He leaves her 3 month old baby […]

Honour killing story: Samra

Honour killing story Samra born: 1976 strangled: 1 April 2016 Location: Hermeskeil (near Trier) Origin: Azerbaijan Children: 1 (9 years) Perpetrator: her husband (43 years) Samra will come to Germany in 2014 as an asylum seeker from Azerbaijan with a husband and child. On April 1, 2016, family members will find her corpse that had […]

Honour killing story: Shahad F.

Honour killing story Shahad F. born: 1999 strangled: 7 January 2018 Place of residence: Hof (Upper Franconia) Origin: Victim: Iraq; perpetrator: Syria Children: 1 son (1 y.) probably. Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Shahad has lived in Germany as an asylum seeker since 2016. On 7 January 2018 Shahad family members find her body and call the […]