Honour killing story

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Wiebke O.
born: 1987
strangled: May 16, 2016
Residence: Cologne
Origin: Victim: Germany, Perpetrator: Turkey
Children: 3 daughters (2, 12, 13 years)
Perpetrator: her boyfriend Yakub B. (30 years)
Wiebke has two daughters from a previous relationship with Vito A, who is over 10 years older. One of them is 13, which would mean that she had her first child when she was 16. She also has a two year old daughter with Yakub. The two have been together for about 3 years and live in Cologne-Bilderstöckchen. There are conflicts and violence, they break up and come together again. Yakub is seen as jealous and controlling. His profession is indicated with guard, hers with housewife.
On May 16, 2016, he strangled Wiebke with a tea towel, wrapped her in a carpet and hid her in the basement of the shared apartment.

On 17 May, Yakub reports that his girlfriend is missing. The officers question the neighbors, but do not look in the basement. Friends and family are looking for her. On 20 May, the perpetrator goes to the police with a lawyer, indicates where the body is, but accuses the ex-husband (40 years).

This person applies for custody of the two older daughters, which may be problematic if domestic violence also takes place here. The youngest daughter comes to a foster family. Later, Yakub's parents will apply for custody.

In September 2016, the trial before the Cologne District Court will begin. Witnesses report domestic violence in the run-up to the crime. The public prosecutor demands 9 years imprisonment. The court sentences Yakub to 11 years imprisonment for manslaughter in November.

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