Honour killing story

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Ahlam Dawi
born: 1982
Murder: 23 August 2017
Place of residence: Memmingen
Origin: Syria
Children: 1 daughter, 2 sons
Perpetrator: her husband Nabil and his older brother Selim (at act 50 and 59 y.)
As an imported bride, Ahlam comes to Germany from Syria around the year 2000 and marries into a Syrian clan. Her husband is 15 years older, they have a daughter and 2 sons. On August 23, 2017 Ahlam leaves the apartment of the big clan in Memmingen. Later relatives report her as missing.

In October her strangled corpse is found in Memmingerberg. The police arrest her husband and her older brother Selim, who is considered the head of the family. It is said that Ahlam was a Christian. Further, that she wanted more independence, wanted to get her driver's license and went to a lawyer to get a divorce. At least one complaint because of domestic violence and a contact prohibition are present.

The trial begins in September 2018 at the Memmingen Regional Court. The husband confesses the crime, his brother is silent. Both have a German passport.