Honour killing story

born: 2000
Attempted murder: 22 December 2017
Place of residence: Darmstadt
Origin: Victim: Morocco; Perpetrator: Afghanistan
Children: probably none
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend (16 y.)
In this case the victim and perpetrator are minors. This means that there is particularly little information.

The victim is a 17-year-old girl from Morocco. The perpetrator is a (allegedly) 16 year old refugee from Afghanistan who has been in Germany since 2015. He lives in an assisted living group.

At night he stabbed his ex-girlfriend 10 times with a switchblade in a park in Darmstadt. Witnesses hear the screams and call the police. The officers later arrest the perpetrator at his home address. He admits the crime. The victim's life is in danger, but she survives.

Anaan is not the real name of the victim. An age investigation of the offender is ordered.

In May 2018 charges will be brought for attempted murder. As to age, the following can be found: "The age of the suspected perpetrator could not be clarified exactly in an expert opinion. According to forensic medicine he was probably already 18 years old, but that was not certain."

According to this, it says: According to forensic medicine, the perpetrator is probably 18 years old, but that would not be certain. So one assumes 17 years. Therefore, the trial will begin in August 2018 before the Darmstadt Regional Court behind closed doors. For attempted murder and conflicting serious bodily injury the Afghan is sentenced in September to 7 years imprisonment. However, juvenile sentences can be suspended after only one third of the sentence.