Honour killing story

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Anne Metzger and her son
born: 1978, 2013
stabbed to death: 28 July 2017
Place of residence: Teningen (near Freiburg)
Origin: Victims: Germany; Perpetrator: Algeria
Children: 1 also stabbed son (at act 4 y.)
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Nasr-Eddine Belarbi (52 y.)
There are few cases of honour killers from Algeria in Germany - because there are few Algerians here. This perpetrator is from Algeria and has a German passport, possibly by marriage to a German.

Anne is a nurse, divorced, and meets Nasr-Eddin in 2009 on a training course. In 2010 the two move in together. Nasr-Eddin does not work, but employs courts with complaints and legal aid. As Anne becomes pregnant, pressure and control increase. Under police protection, Anna moves out of her shared apartment.

The father stays in Freiburg, mother and son later live in Teningen. Anne obtains an approximation ban.

On the morning of July 28, 2017, the perpetrator lurks in front of his victims' house and stabs Anne and her son on the open road in Anne's company car. The two die in the clinic.

The perpetrator initially flees by car, but is later caught during a search in Freiburg. An arrest warrant for murder is issued.

The trial begins in April 2018 at the Freiburg Regional Court. The perpetrator stages the crime as a failed child abduction to Algeria. Meanwhile he is married to a cousin in Algeria, a planned an import marriage. He also finds out that he has another daughter in Algeria (born 1997), but with whom he has no contact. One witness, who has known Anne since the birth of Noah, mentions honor as a motive for the constant threats (also death threats) against Anne and her family. The perpetrator sees himself as a victim of Anne's mother, who has always been against him.

The perpetrator is sentenced to life imprisonment in April for the murder of his girlfriend and the manslaughter of his son. The particular severity of the guilt is determined. The Federal High Court rejects the appeal in October.