Honour killing story

Daniela A.H.
born: 1973
murdered: December 5, 2017
Place of residence: Berlin-Kreuzberg
Origin: Victim: Poland; Perpetrator: Syria
Children: 4 (7-14, 25 y.)
Perpetrator: her husband Mohammad A.H. (at act 48 y.)
Mohammad comes to Germany from Syria at the end of the 90s and quickly marries Daniela from Poland, who already has a 7-year-old child. There are 2 more children. About 2007 they separate, but another common child is born. Mohammad still has the keys to the family apartment. The marriage is not divorced.

At the beginning of December 2017 Mohammad happens to run into Daniela and her new friend (also an Arab). On 5 December he strangles her in her apartment and calls the police himself. Daniela comes to the hospital, but dies 3 days later. Her brain was already badly damaged. The children were not in the apartment at the time of the crime.

In June 2018 the trial before the Berlin Regional Court begins. In July, the perpetrator is sentenced to life imprisonment for murder. In the justification it says that he did not accept that his wife does things that women in this country do without having to ask."