Honour killing story

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Hadi A.
born: 1987
Attempted murder: 6 October 2017
Place of residence: Victim: Berlin; Perpetrator: Cloppenburg
Origin: Victim: suspected Turkey; perpetrator: Turkey / Kurd / Jeside
Children: probably yes, unclear how many
Perpetrator: the father of his girlfriend, Tarik A. (at act 46 y.)
Tarik comes to Germany as a young person from Turkey. At some point he acquires German citizenship. He is married, has children, including an 18-year-old daughter Gülsen.

She gets to know Hadi on the Internet, a 12 year older Muslim. There are rumours that he is close to IS. Yezidis were particularly cruelly persecuted by the IS in Iraq.

Gülsen disappears from Cloppenburg, converts to Islam and lives with her boyfriend in Berlin-Wedding. It cannot be completely ruled out that she lives as his second wife. In any case, Hadi is married to another woman.

Gülsen's family is looking for the young woman. On the morning of 6 October 2017 the father finds the couple on the street. Gülsen is pregnant. The father shoots at least 6 times from a car at the boyfriend. The victim is seriously injured and taken to the hospital. An emergency operation saves his life.

The perpetrator flees with his daughter in the car, but is arrested a few minutes later. The murder weapon is found in the car. Gülsen's mother is also sitting in the car.

In May 2018, the trial for attempted manslaughter, dangerous bodily injury and illicit possession of weapons begins before the Berlin Regional Court.