Honour killing story

born: 1995
Attempted murder: 1 September 2017
Place of residence: Göttingen / Rosdorf
Origin: ?
Children: unclear, probably more than 1
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend (at act 23 y.)
The violent relationship between Lea and Ali lasts about a year. In court there has been spoken about many cases of rape and abuse. Lea probably tells her parents about it, but later denies everything - despite obvious injuries.

When Lea leaves at the end of August 2017, Ali stabs her in the parking lot of a shopping center in Göttingen on September 1. She is hospitalized with severe cranial and brain injuries. The perpetrator flees and is wanted. 3 weeks later he and his lawyer turn himself in at the district court of Göttingen.

In January 2018, charges are filed for attempted murder and other violent crimes. The trial begins in March at the Göttingen Regional Court. Ali has been in prison before.

The names of those involved are unknown, as is the nationality of the perpetrator. Even during the manhunt, it is only said: "The wanted man, a young man, is about 1.75 to 1.80 meters tall and dressed in a black T-shirt and short blue shorts." But there is a quote from him: "What do you want, you fucking German, I'll cut your balls off." - (expressed to Lea's father. From: Göttinger Tageblatt).

One could infer from this a Turkish origin. In addition, there is the information that the police exclude a terrorist act, which indicates possibly rather a Tunisian, Iraqi.... Origin.