Honour killing story

Manjinder K. / Manjiga Ka.
born: 1991
stabbed: 9. December 2017
Place of residence: Hamburg-Billstedt
Origin: India
Children: probably none
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Sandeep Ku (at act 32 y.)
Manjinder studies to become a teacher and works in a burger shop. On 9 December 2017 she comes home in the evening after her shift. She lives with her parents in Hamburg-Billstedt.

Manjinder gets stabbed in her kitchen. The perpetrator then throws in a disc to fake a break-in. The parents later find her covered in blood on the kitchen floor.

A week later the police arrest a 32-year-old Indian in his apartment. It is said that he belongs to the family environment.

In June 2018 the trial will begin at the District Court of Hamburg. The sequence of events is as follows: The perpetrator is called Sandeep and lives without a residence permit in Germany. He claims to have been with Manjinder for 4 years. He brought her home on the day of the crime. He presumably expects a residence permit from a marriage. Presumably there is a dispute about it. Sandeep knocks a pan on the young woman's head, chokes her until she faints to the ground, and then stabs her in the throat 11 times.