Honour killing story

Merita (and Jeff G.)
born: 1972 (and 1977)
Shot: July 15, 2017
Residence: Nürtingen (near Stuttgart)
Origin: Kosovo
Children: 4 daughters, 1 son
Perpetrator: her husband Rasim L. (55 y.)
Merita and Rasim marry in Kosovo in 1989 and come to Germany a year later. They have 4 daughters and one son. The eldest daughter is 24 years old and has a 2 year old son with her 40 year old partner Jeff, who works as a landscape gardener. Rasims occupation is indicated as qualified locksmith.

In the apartment of Jeff and his fiancée there is a quarrel with the father-in-law on July 15, 2017. The father-in-law leaves the apartment and returns with a pistol. He shoots the fiancé and then his wife Merita. Both die at the scene of the crime. The offender's daughter and her 2-year-old son are able to escape to another house. The police arrest the perpetrator.

The main motive is the woman's desire to separate. The daughter, too, probably did not want to comply with the father's instructions anymore.

The trial begins in March 2018 at the Stuttgart Regional Court. Apparently, the couple's son is also involved in the crime. He had come with the father to fight. The mother had started to work as a chambermaid and had emancipated herself. Among other things, she wanted her own bank account. The day before the crime she had declared her intention to separate.