Honour killing story

Michelle E.
born: 1982
stabbed: 18. May 2017
Place of residence: Berlin-Heiligensee
Origin: Victim: Germany; Perpetrator: Bosnia
Children: min. 1 (at act 12 y.)
Perpetrator: her husband Edin A. (32 y.)
On May 18, 2017, Edin will meet his 12-year-old stepson in Berlin-Heiligensee on his way to school. He takes him to a summerhouse, ties him up and takes his house keys. He announces that he will kill the boy's mother.

The boy needs hours to free himself. The police find Michelle's body in her apartment, which is located in a Diakoniezentrum in Berlin. This could lead to the question whether Michelle and her son had already fled from her aggressive husband. However, there are also weapons found in the apartment.

The perpetrator is the Bosnian Edin who has lived in Germany for several years. The marriage with Michelle resulted in a residence permit. She probably wanted to separate. There are already several complaints from the family about domestic violence.

Officials will later state that the body was "badly beaten up, among other things by knife stabs". The perpetrator is wanted. It is suspected that he has escaped in the direction of the Balkans. But 2 days later he is arrested in Neukölln.

In February 2018 Edin is sentenced to life imprisonment by the Berlin Regional Court for murder, hostage-taking, assault and coercion.