Honour killing story

Naser T.
born: 1964
stabbed: 15. May 2017
Place of residence: Gütersloh / Hagen
Origin: Victim: Kosovo; Perpetrator: Serbia
Children: ?
Perpetrator: his brother-in-law Zenelj H. (at act 59 y.)
After 28 years of marriage Anica (whose real name is not known) separates from her 10 years older husband Zenelj in 2012. He does not want to accept that. He threatens her and begins to stalk her. The two have 5 children, the youngest is indeed 17 years old.

On May 15, 2017, there is a quarrel between Zenelj and Naser, his wife's brother, in Hagen on the open road. Probably the abandoned husband wants Naser to force his sister to return to him. When Naser refuses, Zenejl stabs him 24 times. Naser is badly injured and goes to the hospital, where he dies. He is a father of a family, the number of children is not mentioned.

The perpetrator drives to Gütersloh to the police and presents himself there covered in blood with "Allahu akbar". In November 2017, the trial begins at the Hagen Regional Court. Shortly before Christmas, the perpetrator is sentenced to life imprisonment for murder.