Honour killing story: Sahar

Honour killing story caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right Sahar born: 1994 Attempted murder: 6 February 2018 Place of residence: Schwerin Origin: Syria Children: unclear Perpetrator: her brother (at act 25 y.) Sahar and her family live on the 2nd floor of a flat in Schwerin. On February 6, Sahar’s brother holds her upside down at her […]

Deeksha shot death in honour killing. A cover-up. The story.

Honour killing story Deeksha born: 1995 Shot: August 16, 2019 Location: Saraitarin, U.P. Origin: India Children: none Perpetrators: possibly her father, brother and uncle Deeksha studied at a university. She was in love with one of her classmates who lived in the same place as her. They wanted to marry each other. They belonged to […]