Honour killing story: Defrim & Shpetim (2013)

Honour killing story caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right Defrim & Shpetim born: 1958 and 1987 stabbed: 29 January 2013 Residence: Neumarkt (near Nuremberg) Origin: Kosovo Perpetrator: Sejdi K., the ex-husband of his daughter/sister (44 years) In 1994 Sejdi and Stresa get married. Stresa’s family is considered well integrated. Maybe the wedding is about a residence permit […]

Honour killing story: Michael

Honour killing story Michael born: 1965 stabbed to death: July 15, 2018 Place of residence: Plüderhausen (near Stuttgart) Origin: Perpetrator: Afghanistan Children: min. 1 daughter Perpetrator: the ex-boyfriend of his daughter, Amir Wafa (20 y.) Amir (Aaamir) comes to Germany from Afghanistan at the end of 2015 and applies for asylum. He lives in Schorndorf […]