Honour killing story

Defrim & Shpetim
born: 1958 and 1987
stabbed: 29 January 2013
Residence: Neumarkt (near Nuremberg)
Origin: Kosovo
Perpetrator: Sejdi K., the ex-husband of his daughter/sister (44 years)
In 1994 Sejdi and Stresa get married. Stresa's family is considered well integrated. Maybe the wedding is about a residence permit for Sejdi. He sporadically works as a varnish man. The family mainly lives on welfare.

Sejdi collects 7 previous convictions in 10 years, is in prison several times. He is extremely violent. From the marriage is a son, born in 1999. Even during pregnancy there are beatings. Stresa doesn't get any support from her family.

The Kosovo-Albanian considers his wife and child to be his property. After years of abuse, Stresa divorces in September 2012 and flees with the child to a women's shelter. The marriage is divorced as a hardship case without a divorce year. Sejdi decides in revenge to kill her male family members. Murder is threatened, also by other countrymen from Kosovo.

A hearing will be held in January 2013. A week later, Sejdi gets access to his ex-wife's house under a pretext. There he meets his ex-father-in-law and ex-brother-in-law. He pulls a knife and first stabs the eldest, then his son. Both bleed to death.

In January 2014 the trial will start before the Nuremberg jury court. The relatives of the victims testify that they still feel threatened by the accused. Sejdis lawyers plead self-defense. The ex-wife testifies that the perpetrator was brutal and aggressive and hit her in front of her son. He didn't go to work, lived on welfare. After the divorce, he had sworn to kill her male family members.

Sejdi has been sentenced to life imprisonment. The particular seriousness of the guilt is established. After the verdict there are riots in court. The names of the two victims are not known.

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