Honour killing story

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born: 1965
stabbed to death: July 15, 2018
Place of residence: Plüderhausen (near Stuttgart)
Origin: Perpetrator: Afghanistan
Children: min. 1 daughter
Perpetrator: the ex-boyfriend of his daughter, Amir Wafa (20 y.)
Amir (Aaamir) comes to Germany from Afghanistan at the end of 2015 and applies for asylum. He lives in Schorndorf near Stuttgart. In the night until 15 July 2018 he enters the house of his ex-girlfriend. He has a knife with him.

The ex-girlfriend is 19 years old and separated from him a few weeks earlier. She is not at home. Her father hears suspicious noises and wants to close the window. Amir stabs him and flees. The mother calls the emergency doctor, the father comes to the clinic, is operated on and survives.

An investigation will be instituted immediately after the crime has been committed. A few hours later Amir is checked and arrested in his apartment in Schorndorf. After 10 hours, the public prosecutor's office in Stuttgart releases him again. Here is an attempt by a journalist to explain:

As things stand at present, it is ultimately the legislator who bears the responsibility. It prescribes compellingly that an arrest warrant may be issued only with urgent suspicion of an offence. "Urgent" means: One needs proof. The danger of flight alone is not enough. Citizens in Germany can count themselves lucky that this is the case. If a simple initial suspicion would be sufficient, in order to put someone into custody - then one would have to discuss in Germany no longer over social housing construction, but over prison construction.
A nice explanation. Amir had probably been noticed by the police before. A few days later he is publicly wanted. He has disappeared, his asylum status is unclear. The family of the victim gets police protection.

At the end of July the perpetrator is arrested in Brussels.

Little note: One can ask oneself whether this is an honour killing or only the collateral damage of a failed attempt at honour killing. Or whether Amir attacked his father because he blamed him for the failure of his relationship. Michael is not the father's real name. His occupation is indicated as entrepreneur.

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