Honour killing story: Melanie Rehberger

Honour killing story caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right Melanie Rehberger born: 1988 murdered: 25. May 2018 Place of residence: Berlin Origin: Victim: Germany; Perpetrator: Bulgaria / presumed Roma Children: probably none Perpetrator: Stoyan A. (38 y.) This murder may not be an honour killing, but a cover-up of an attempted rape. First the facts: On 25 […]

Honour killing story: Wanja

Honour killing story Wanja born: 2001 Murder: 12 September 2018 Place of residence: Hamm Origin: Victim: Bulgaria; Perpetrator: Syria Children: unclear Perpetrator: a Syrian (at act 24 y.) Wanja comes from Bulgaria, has her residence in the Netherlands and is for unknown reason in Westphalian Hamm. On September 12, her body is discovered in the […]

Honour killing story: Greta

Honour killing story Greta born: 1978 Murder: 9 August 2018 Place of residence: Berlin-Gesundbrunnen Origin: Perpetrator: Afghanistan Children: unclear Perpetrator: her boyfriend (at act 21 y.) On August 9, 2018, an Afghan kills his girlfriend early in the morning in her apartment. Neighbours hear screams. When the rescue workers arrive, the woman is dead. The […]

Honour killing story: Mariam M.

Honour killing story Mariam M. born: 1995 Murder: August 8, 2018 Place of residence: Heek (Münsterland) Origin: Russia Children: 3 (3 Mo., 5 and 7 y.) Perpetrator: her husband (31 y.) Mariam is an asylum seeker from Russia, has 3 children at the age of 23, the youngest is 7. They live in the Münsterland […]

Honour killing story: Mala and Lara

Honour killing story Mala and Lara born: 2012, 2015 murdered: 28 July 2018 Place of residence: Dresden Origin: Mozambique Children: they were themselves children Perpetrator: her father Eduardo A. (at act 55 y.) Eduardo is from Mozambique and came to the GDR before the fall of the wall. He works as a nurse. Later he […]

Honour killing story: Sara

Honour killing story Sara born: 2011 Murder: 19 July 2018 Place of residence: Düsseldorf Origin: Perpetrator: Egypt Children: she herself was still a child Perpetrator: her father Ahmed F. (at act 32 y.) Ahmed is coming to Germany from Egypt in 2010. In the same year he marries Katharina, 12 years older. Daughter Sara is […]

Honour killing story: Olesija K.

Honour killing story Olesija K. born: 1989 Murdered: June 25, 2018 Place of residence: Gunzenhausen near Nuremberg Origin: Kazakhstan Children: 3 (at act 3, 7, 9 y.) Perpetrator: her husband Georg K. (at act 31 y.) One can read this murder as an honour killing, or as an act of madness, or as an extended […]