Honour killing story

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Aeysha A.
born: 2015
beheaded: 23 October 2017
Place of residence: Hamburg
Origin: Pakistan
Children: she herself was still a child
Perpetrator: her father Sohail A. (at act 33 y.)
Sohail is coming from Pakistan to Hessen at the end of 2011. His asylum application is rejected because of obvious false statements. Even a complaint is unsuccessful. He is to be deported in July 2012. But nothing happens.

Then he marries Lubna (at act 32 y.) according to Islamic law in Hamburg. The marriage is arranged by her parents. Lubna came to Germany as a child from Pakistan in 1992. She already has a son (at act 6 years). Then the daughter Aeysha is born in 2015. It can be assumed that Sohail hoped for advantages for his residence status. So far he works illegally in a snack bar in Pinneberg.

In April 2017 there will be an urgent procedure: Sohail wants to stay with his family in Germany. In June the judge decides against deportation because father and daughter would have such an close relationship. The rejection of the application will then only take place after Sohail has killed his daughter.

Lubna reports her husband twice for beating her up. However, the judicial file says that there was "no reason to expect it to get any worse", even though Sohail is known to the police and is considered highly aggressive against his stepson. The Youth Welfare Office is involved.

On 23 October 2017 the mother goes to the police in the evening and reports her husband. Together with the policemen she returns. The police officers go into the apartment alone and find 2-year-old Aeysha dead. Her father cut off her head.

Lubna suffers a shock and is taken to hospital with her son. The son was with his grandparents. The perpetrator is on the run. Less than a week later he is arrested in Spain. With him another Pakistani is arrested. He is said to have hidden Sohail and offered to get him a forged Pakistani passport so that he could return to Pakistan.

The trial begins in April 2018 at the District Court of Hamburg. In June, the perpetrator is sentenced to life imprisonment. The particular severity of the guilt is determined. It is about murder and 5 other crimes. The "wife" says that threats like "I'll rip your guts out" and "I'll chop you up" were common.