Honour killing story

born: 1977
murdered: 20 October 2016
Location: Frankfurt-Sossenheim
Origin: Victims: Germany; Offenders: Cameroon
Children: 3 (up to 4-8 years)
Perpetrator: her ex-husband Ousseini O. (47 years)
Claudia is divorced from her husband Ousseini. Apparently the two still live under one roof.

On October 20, 2016, the father of the 3 common children will take them to kindergarten and school. Then he smashes Claudia's head to pieces with an axe. In a farewell letter he mentions revenge and the claim to power as motives.

Then Ousseini drives to the centre of Frankfurt and plunges off the roof of a department store. He survives seriously injured.

If the agents want to tell the news of his suicide attempt to his wife, they will find the body of Claudia. The children are placed under the supervision of the Youth Care Office.

In August 2017 the trial in the Frankfurt court will begin. Ousseini is introduced as the son of a Cameroonian tribal king and a successful engineer or computer scientist. In August he is sentenced to 7 years imprisonment for manslaughter. Because of the "noble effect" the accusation of murder was dropped, although written hate-sowing tirades and murder fantasies had been found of him.

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