Honour killing story

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Dario (and 2 friends)
born: 2011 (1988, 1983)
shot dead: September 14, 2017
Place of residence: Villingendorf (near Tübingen)
Origin: Perpetrator: Croatia
Children: he himself was still a child
Perpetrator: his father Drazen Dakic (at act 40 y.)
Katerina and Drazen have been separated since March 2017. On September 14, 2017 their son Dario starts school. In the evening there will be a small school entry celebration. The separated father Drazen enters the apartment via the terrace. He shoots his son.

Mother Katerina (31 y.) is pregnant again. For the new partner (34 y.) there is the information "with migration background". The name Anatolij R. could indicate a Russian or Ukrainian origin. This partner and his cousin (29 years) are also shot. Katerina can escape to neighbors. They call the police. The officials find a 3-year-old girl who was hiding, and hand her over to her parents.

Drazen is known to the police for violent and threatening crimes, but has never been in prison. Katerina had already asked at school to keep her whereabouts secret.

The perpetrator is wanted, 5 days later he is arrested after a tip from the population. He still carries the rifle with him. It comes from an army stock. Drazen is a Bosnian-born Croat.

In March 2018 the trial before the Rottweil Regional Court begins. The defendant's ex-wife testifies that he was also violent towards her. He had also threatened to kill her daughter so that she, the mother, would suffer. The ex-wife also tried to keep her whereabouts secret.

It turns out that the perpetrator already announced the crime in August. The sister of the accused describes the relationship as years of martyrdom, the mother had been to the women's shelter several times and to the police several times. During the trial Katerina gives birth to her baby, a boy.

In June the perpetrator is sentenced to life imprisonment. The particular severity of the guilt is determined. Criticism is voiced that the authorities and police ignored the perpetrator's multiple threats of murder and violence.