Honour killing story

Fabienne de M.
born: 1969
suffocated: 2 January 2017
Place of residence: Denkendorf (near Ingolstadt)
Origin: Victim: France; Perpetrator: Algeria
Children: 1 son (at act 8 y.)
Perpetrator: her husband Riad B. (32 y.)
Fabienne is French and an interpreter. Riad is Algerian and studies computer science. They get married in 2008.

While their son is playing on the ground floor, Riyadh beats, strangles and suffocates his wife on January 2, 2017. Riyadh takes his son to the police and turns himself in. The emergency doctor can only determine her death.

In September 2017 the trial for manslaughter begins at the Ingolstadt Regional Court. Riyadh confesses the crime but does not want his wife to die.

In October the offender is sentenced to 6 years and 10 months imprisonment for manslaughter.

The court considers Yama fully guilty. In February 2018 he is sentenced to 4 years and 6 months imprisonment.