Honour killing story

Kamaljeet V.
born: 1980
Attempted murder: December 4, 2017
Place of residence: Bremen
Origin: India
Children: 1 son (at act 4 y.)
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend (at act 26 y.)
Kamaljeet is a tailor from India who will come to Germany around 2012. In Bremen she gives birth to a son. The father of the child dies shortly afterwards of heart failure.

In the Indian Sikh community in Bremen Kamaljeet meets her new boyfriend. In autumn 2017 she separates. On 4 December she is stabbed by her ex-boyfriend on the street in Bremen-Gröpelingen. Their son had to witness the crime. The perpetrator flees.

Kamaljeet is operated on and survived. The next day her ex-boyfriend is arrested drunk on the street. He hangs himself 8 days later in custody.