Honour killing story

born: 1982
murdered: December 14, 2017
Place of residence: Hamburg-Bramfeld
Origin: Iran
Children: 1 daughter (at act 1 y.)
Perpetrator: her husband Ali Reza S. (43 y.)
Maryam is introduced to an Iranian who lives in Hamburg by an acquaintance. One makes friends via Skype and marries by correspondence. Ali Reza later states that he wanted a woman who was a virgin and had no plastic surgery. In March 2016, a daughter is born in Iran. In October 2017, mother and daughter move to Germany.

The violence quickly develops, the youth welfare office sets up a family help. There is a report of dangerous bodily injury.

On December 14, 2017, Ali Reza hits his wife on the head with a glass jar, breaking her skull. He then stabs her 25 times and finally strangles her with a scarf. The daughter is in the apartment during the crime. Then the perpetrator takes her to neighbours who call the police. Ali Reza then hurts himself. Maryam dies in the hospital. The daughter comes to the German Red Cross.

In June 2018 the manslaughter trial begins at the Hamburg Regional Court. Ali Reza explains that he has dropped out of dentistry studies in Tehran. He then moved up into political circles. About 2007 he came to Germany as a refugee and converted to Christianity. It cannot be ruled out that he hoped that this would improve his chances of obtaining a residence permit. In any case, his application for asylum was granted in 2009, after which he completed his training as a Protestant-Lutheran assistant preacher. However, he appears before the court with an interpreter. He had also been active in refugee aid.

In July Ali Reza is sentenced to 6 years and 6 months imprisonment. The court considers his depression to be a mitigating factor. The court emphasized that it could not recognize any remorse in the defendant.