Honour killing story

born: 1984
Crippling attempt: 6 January 2017
Place of residence: Kiel
Origin: Turkey
Children: Number unclear
Perpetrator: her husband Mustafa, living separated (at act 34 y.)
Allegedly Meryem and Mustafa get to know each other on holiday. An import marriage is also possible, which Mustafa brings to Kiel in 2004. Children are born, how many is unclear. Meryems first child is from an earlier relationship.

Meryem breaks up. On January 6, 2017, Mustafa shoots his wife in the backyard of a Kiel mosque in both knees.

A shot in the knees is not necessarily an attempted murder. Nevertheless, the case should appear in this archive. Because you can read the crime as an honour crime. Shots in the knees can be a punishment for the separation. Crippling the woman should also make her unattractive for a new partner. The perpetrator demonstrates his claim to power over the woman's life. The crime scene in public before the eyes of the community also points to a crime of honour.

The District Court of Kiel, however, is convinced that man and woman have reconciled completely. One can ask what should be a "complete reconciliation" in a separate marriage after 2 shots in the knees. And how voluntary the reconciliation was for the woman. She may have been harassed by her family.

In May 2017, the offender will be sentenced to 2 years and 6 months imprisonment for grievous bodily harm and illegal possession of arms. Since the sentence has not yet become final, man and woman leave the court hand in hand, allegedly wanting to do couple therapy. Which can also be an idea of the defense. The defense announces appeal. Meryem and Mustafa are not the right names of victim and perpetrator.

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