Honour killing story

born: 1977
stabbed: 26. May 2017
Place of residence: Unkel (near Bonn)
Origin: unclear
Children: probably 2
Perpetrator: her husband (at act 43 y.)
It is questionable whether this is an honour killing - or the act of a mentally ill man. First the facts: On 26 May 2017, a 43-year-old man killed his 40-year-old wife in Unkel near Bonn. The two have been married for 5 years and presumably have 2 children. Their real names and nationality are not known.

However, the perpetrator will later speak bad German in court. An interpreter will be used. With a 21 cm blade the perpetrator stabs his wife. A 2 cm piece of the blade gets stuck in the woman's head. The children are playing on the upper floor during the crime.

The perpetrator himself calls the rescue service, but only 1 hour after the woman had bled to death. The perpetrator shows the paramedic the body in a storeroom. The knife is in the sink.

The crime is not reported publicly at first because - according to the public prosecutor's office - the perpetrator's personal rights are to be protected.

In November 2017 the trial begins at the Koblenz Regional Court. The perpetrator is committed indefinitely because of paranoid schizophrenia.