Lawyer Willem Jan Ausma labels the burning alive of Narges Achikzei as a senseless assassination

Almost 11 years after the horrific burning alive of the beautiful young student Narges Achikzei (23) from Zeist, lawyer Willem Jan Ausma makes some remarkable statements in the media. The well-known Dutch criminal lawyer from Utrecht is also called "the blonde" and he is the lawyer of MDNDR021. She is the sister of a friend of the fiancé of Narges Achikzei and burned her alive on December 7, 2009 and for this was irrevocably sentenced to 12 years in prison and ordered to go to a psychiatric hospital. In the publication of ActueelNieuws, Ausma is the first person to label this infamous murder as a senseless assassination.

"The arson murder in Zeist, as that case is called, in it a lady with an Afghan background, who was about to get married, was covered with motor oil and set on fire. Another woman with an Afghan background was arrested for that and she was also convicted for it, everything pointed to her having done it. But both the impact on the relatives, also of the senselessness of this, and also the fact that the suspect didn't realize what kind of impact this could have and also on herself, that made an impression. She was sent to a psychiatric hospital because she obviously had no idea what she had done and why. That a person can actually become so distant from herself, capable of things that you can't understand with your common sense. That was also a case of which I say: you shouldn't just send someone like that back out on the street, she herself has had a very traumatic experience to deal with."

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