R. Geissen complains to Zeist police about the actions of MDNDR010 and MDNDR011 in the Mehraban affair

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Narges Achikzei, who was set on fire, and her boyfriend had a heated conflict with the woman's 32-year-old former employer in Utrecht. The family is associated with fraudulent practices. In any case, they were accused by an aggrieved man. He himself was summoned to a court one week after the fire murder in connection with the slander. For a long time he is said to have sent e-mails to the woman - an ex-worker - and damaged her honour and good name.

It is very likely that this conflict played a role in the cruel death. The public prosecutor's office never wants to answer questions about the content of the legal conflict. It is clear that the conflict exerted great pressure on Achikzei and other participants.

Ralph Geissen

From: Ralph
To: 2123@utrecht.politie.nl
Sent: Monday, November 30, 2009 2:20 PM
Subject: Fw: Complaint about police action

The loss of profits due to the extortion campaign has been calculated by an accountancy firm at 200,000 euros, in my declaration of PL0920/09-192579 a loss of 150,000 euros has been included.

If Police Zeist does not want to take action against these scammers, against whom 100 to 500 reports have been made throughout the Netherlands, the scammers who have so terribly hurt many people and who collectively call on all the victims to tackle these people head-on, then I do not hesitate to discuss the amateurish attitude of Police Zeist in all honesty on the Internet, mentioning the names of the agents who have demonstrably done some shoddy work.

If I am not called by Politie Zeist this week and am invited for a conversation in order to end the Mehraban affair or if the suspects of large-scale fraud are not arrested by Politie Zeist, then I, as a citizen, can express my negative opinion about this. I know exactly how far I can go with regard to Naming & Shaming.

With kind regards,
Ralph Geissen

From: Ralph
To: 2123@utrecht.politie.nl
Sent: Monday, November 30, 2009 3:24 AM
Subject: Fw: Complaint about police action

Realize that no less than 7 different topics at www.opgelichtopinternet.nl are linked to these perpetrators and that Advios Assurantiën BV (www.expiratieweb.nl) and I have been declared bankrupt on the basis of dubious judgments handed down by misguided judges. In the media it has already been noted that Geissen has been prosecuted and that “a complaint has been filed with the police against the former employees because of fraud”.

In view of the alarmingly high number of reports filed against these suspects (approx. 500+), the number of websites involved in combating internet fraud and dealing with various topics and the involvement of myself and that of an abusive lawyer, it is inevitable that this case will, in due course, be in the media spotlight.

I do not hesitate to mention the role of Politie Zeist on my websites or, in all honesty, to mention the names of agents who have made big mistakes with regard to the Mehraban affair.

If Police Zeist had just done their job, the Mehraban affair would have been solved long ago and hundreds of consumers would not have been harmed. Probably Narges is already pregnant in the meantime, which of course makes it pretty silly since the Public Prosecutor can demand 6 to 14 years imprisonment against her.
All criminal actions of these suspects have been carried out via Narges Achikzei, her signature is under the declaration full of verifiable deceitfulness and she is the one who introduces herself at parties as Narges Mehraban and is the holder of the ABN AMRO account

My proposal is therefore that Politie Zeist takes action quickly and that there is no longer any delay. There is a chance that these scammers will again cheat dozens of unsuspecting consumers on Marktplaats.nl in December. Provided that they still drive third parties crazy enough to give them their bank card and pin code.

MDNDR010 might find me an annoying guy, but the thing she should have done I eventually did. If she makes another mistake I will put her name on our website. She can’t bring a lawsuit against me anyway, because it’ s of no use to her because I’m already bankrupt anyway, it ends up with my curator.

It’s time for Police Zeist to put an end to the scams and extortion practices of N. Achikzei, S. Achikzei, A. Achikzei, H. Mehraban and their lawyer P.H. Ruijzendaal.

Kind regards,
Ralph Geissen

From: Ralph
To: 2123@utrecht.politie.nl
Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2009 10:50 PM
Subject: Fw: Complaint about police action

I am being prosecuted by the Public Prosecutor for the misdemeanours of MDNDR010 because I have linked our former employee Narges Achikzei to Narges Mehraban. I am certainly not a type that does not think carefully about making accusations. In the past, Narges Achikzei presented herself to me as Narges Mehraban, the print screen below says it all.

How ridiculous and embarrassing is it, then, that as a former employer and the biggest victim of Achikzei/Mehraban & Ruijzendaal, I am being prosecuted by the Ministry of Justice?

If Police Zeist continues to stack error on error on error, then Police Zeist should not be surprised in due course if I, as a victim, also become a perpetrator. I know enough people who want to tackle Achikzei/Mehraban & Ruijzendaal because of what they have done. For the past 1.5 years I have insisted on criminal prosecution and time and again I run into a concrete wall where naive people decide who will be prosecuted and who will not. It’s really embarrassing and I’m running out of patience.

With kind regards,

Ralph Geissen

PS: I certainly don’t want to threaten the police or the scammers. But I’m starting to get really angry…

From: Ralph
To: 2123@utrecht.politie.nl
Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2009 9:55 PM
Subject: Fw: Complaint about police action

Dear sir, ma’am,

MDNDR010 did call ABN AMRO to obtain information about N. Mehraban (bank account number 478632320), but she had only requested the address details (somewhere in Dordrecht, because Narges Achikzei lives in Zeist and says that she is not the scammer being searched for, MDNDR010 told me that “it’s a completely different person”).

MDNDR010 has thus demonstrably done some shoddy work because the personal details of ABN AMRO indicate that account number is registered in the name of Narges Mehraban with date of birth 18-09-1986.

Narges Achikzei was born on 18-09-1986 and was linked by me as a scammer to N. Mehraban because she married Haroen Mehraban via an informal illegal Muslim marriage. Because they have not registered the marriage at the Registry Office Narges Mehraban is not in the system.

A false declaration is punishable by a fine, and there is a fine for not registering a marriage with the Registry Office. My request is therefore to arrest these scammers and to prosecute them.

MDNDR010 could have prevented a lot of misery/whining and victims if she had not been so naive at the time and would have done a good job (=finding the truth). The criminal case of 15 December 2009 absolutely must be withdrawn by the Public Prosecutor.

If Police Zeist remains reluctant to take action and arrest these scammers, these bad people will continue their scams. It is about time that Police Zeist put an end to the long term extortion campaign of these people, until now it remains a Crime in Action.

Part of the burden of proof against the fraudsters is published on www.loedertje.nl, Police and Justice regularly visit the website. Not to see what they can do about libel & slander but because they want to catch these scammers just like me and want the victims to be compensated.

The investigation has already been carried out and the Public Prosecutor’s Office has the rule that “in ready-made cases” criminal prosecution is always carried out. MDNDR010 will have to offer me her sincere apologies for her actions and tenacity not to seek the truth.

With kind regards,
Ralph Geissen

From: Ralph
To: 2123@utrecht.politie.nl
Sent: Saturday, November 28, 2009 10:41 PM
Subject: Complaint about police action

Dear sir, ma’am,

On 20 January 2009 I was interrogated by agent MDNDR010 as a suspect for stalking, insulting, defamation & insulting on the basis of a verifiable untruthful declaration (PL0920/08-365181). In the defence I recorded that I should be seen as the victim of an extortion campaign, I referred to a link and submitted a handwritten threatening letter that I had received at my private address at the beginning of October 2008 with the text “HOW DO YOU PROOF SECRETLY PERFORMED GROUPSSTALKING?”, which was a reason for me to leave my house in October 2008 and go into hiding because of all the threats against me as a person.

A week and a half after the annoying interrogation at police station Zeist I contacted MDNDR010 by telephone to find out whether she had already started to find out the truth to which she replied that she would not do so because she believes the instigator Narges Achikzei at her word that I have been telling all kinds of untruths on the Internet because I would be in love with her. MDNDR010 did not read the story that I had included as a link in my defence.

Due to the unprofessional attitude of MDNDR010, I contacted the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Utrecht and explained the situation to them. They then advised me to write a letter to the Public Prosecutor, I sent the letter for the attention of the person I had spoken to and she would make sure that it would end up with the Public Prosecutor (http://www.loedertje.nl/narges/Brief_OvJ_nav_valse_aangifte.pdf).

After the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Utrecht had informed police Zeist on 10 June 2009 that I was allowed to file a report, I had a report drawn up on 23 June 2009 (PL0920/09-192579) and submitted a centimetre thick file full of legal and convincing evidence that Narges Achikzei is a scammer who was the subject of 100+ reports due to internet scams. My charges against her relate to various offences, the most important of which are fraud and extortion.

On 1 October 2009, I received a summons from the Public Prosecutor that I had to prevent as a suspect on 15 December 2009 in connection with the false report that Narges Achikzei made to the Zeist police. On 24 November 2009 Probation Utrecht created a personality profile with a view to the criminal trial and I again told the whole story and complained about all that has happened to me. I pointed out to Probation Utrecht that someone from the Police requested the page Geissen-vs-Achikzei/story.htm on 19 November 2009 and that this link was included in my defence. I explained that the story had been removed from the website months before because MDNDR010 had already indicated that she did not want to find out the truth.

To the Probation I passed on four links as background information and I expect that next week they will send an extremely positive report about me to the Public Prosecutor and the District Court of Utrecht:
20/01/2009: www.loedertje.nl/narges/x/Achikzei/verhaal.htm
23/06/2009: www.loedertje.nl/narges/PL092009192579.pdf
Today: www.loedertje.nl
Overview of lies PL0920/08-365181: www.loedertje.nl/proces-verbaal-with-25-lies-narges-achikzei-zamanmehraban-peter-ruijzendaal.html

I find it absolutely shocking that an agent is unwilling to find out the truth and has done her bit to make my life miserable after the suspects of fraud have deliberately and maliciously tried to destroy me in the legal sense on dubious grounds. So after FOUR lawsuits I also get a criminal trial on my back. A lot of misery/whining and new victims of the same group of perpetrators could have been prevented if MDNDR010 had proceeded to find out the truth at the time instead of taking the deceitful notorious Narges Achikzei’s word for it.

This will also be my complaint about the police action with regard to the Mehraban affair. I had won the 1 complaint procedure. Against MDNDR011’s decision to give a low priority to my report, a notice of objection has already been sent to which I have not yet received a reply. First I was disappointed with the attitude of MDNDR010, then indignant with the attitude of MDNDR011 and after receiving the summons of the Public Prosecutor I am
angry about the unprofessional attitude of Police Zeist.

Police Zeist can solve 100+ reports in a very simple way via the arrest of 3 suspects against whom a cartload of evidence has been presented that they have shockingly defrauded many people and Police Zeist can finally put an end to the extortion campaign that the same suspects have wished to carry out against me for 1.5 years.

There are now two possibilities:
1. Police Zeist acknowledges that it has stacked error on error and will urge the Public Prosecutor to refrain from prosecution because Ralph Geissen behaves like an exemplary citizen and Police services have demonstrably helped to solve crimes and crimes. A positive report by Probation Utrecht is currently being written and could be a good time for the Public Prosecution Service to dismiss the case.

2. Police Zeist stands firm. Then forward my complaint about the police action to the complaints handler so that I can complain there for the second time.
Too bad that my first complaint about the police action is followed by a second complaint about the police action and that Police Zeist does not want to deal with the suspects of fraud & extortion.

Maybe the Zeist police will only take action when we submit debt confessions signed by the suspects or when 1,000 reports have been made against the same suspects. When 100+ declaration numbers are included on internet sites that are linked to the same offender group and the knowledge that 1 out of 5 victims has his/her declaration number published in the overview, this means that 500+1 declarations have been made against Narges Achikzei, Haroen Mehraban and Peter Hans Ruijzendaal, where my declaration against these suspects is the most serious of all.

Several of the victims have already linked their report to my report and have sent their official report to the Zeist police for processing. I can hardly imagine that police Zeist is not aware of the Mehraban affair. If police Zeist does not take action, then I can only grumble, whine and complain about it.

When necessary I will gladly tell the story about police Zeist for the umpteenth time and insist on criminal prosecution. I have already carried out the criminal investigation myself and I am willing to testify against these bad people in the criminal trial. The criminal trial that has been announced against me is ridiculous and very shameful. I will put an end to the public prosecutor who dares to bring this case before a judge after MDNDR010 has demonstrably done some shoddy work on this file.

For the time being, I do not mention the names of the police officers who have made mistakes because of privacy considerations and the thought that people simply make mistakes. As far as I’m concerned, the leniency is over and errors of Police Zeist with respect to the Meraban Affair are no longer accepted. Police Zeist has to find out the truth.

With kind regards,
Ralph Geissen

PS: As said, this will be my second complaint about the police action. If Police Zeist finds that they can’t be blamed for anything, you can forward this complaint to the complaints handler Hofmann. I am very satisfied with his professionalism and attitude towards the Mehraban affair…

From: Hofmann
To: Ralph
Sent: Thursday, July 30, 2009 11:21 AM
Subject: RE: Complaint handled

Mr. Geissen,

With this message I confirm that the complaint file will be closed. Thank you for your message.

Kind regards,

complaint handler
district Utrecht city

From: Ralph
Sent: maandag 27 juli 2009 15:10
To: Hofmann
Subject: Complaint handled

Dear Mr. Hofmann,

The District Public Prosecutor’s Office of Utrecht has decided on 11 June that I can report this to Politie Zeist. Our declaration with which 7 process versions can be solved was filed and signed on 23 June (PL092009192579).

We hope that the Mehraban affair can be closed quickly for all those involved. Both Police Zeist and the Public Prosecutor have been urged to have the suspects prosecuted because we believe there is a high chance of repetition and in view of what has happened there is little chance that they will at some point regret or repent and find honourable methods to make money.

Thank you very much for your work on this dossier and for helping to remove the barriers put in place by the suspects in order to prevent me from filing a complaint against them.

Yours sincerely,
Ralph Geissen

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