Testimony 10 in murder case pregnant woman strangled and burned in Haarlem

Local resident
We had to leave the house without clothes, without money. We don't have anything with us at all. We lost our house in Syria and now our house here as well. What bad luck... I think everything's broken. The extinguishing water has flowed into my house. I've lived in this flat for a year now, I've fixed it up myself. I'd like to build a new life here with my children. I've got three kids going to school. It all went well and now this is happening again. We have to start all over again now. I understand this all takes time, but kids don't understand that. My children say: 'We have lost everything like we lost before in Syria' and they cry. How should I explain all this to them?

I have already lost my house in Syria. And now this. We have to start all over again.

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