Testimony 3 in murder case pregnant woman strangled and burned in Haarlem

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Local resident
It's very sad. I have to tell you honestly, I haven't been able to sleep, it's so awful. She was eight months pregnant. And it's an Afghan family. But that's because the father dropped the kids off at that brother's so they're still investigating to sort it out. Her husband's been arrested.

I was outside when the policeman was talking to another cop so I heard really clearly that it is the mother and she is pregnant. They arrested her husband and found gasoline in his car, then he said yes my wife is inside and the neighbors have also said this so it really is 100% sure. I'm not just saying anything.

Yeah, very bad man it gets even crazier because her husband started the fire and it seems that gasoline was found in his car so he thoughtfully committed the murder. The man was arrested, his wife was eight months pregnant and according to the neighbors died in the bedroom.

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