Honour killing stories 2014

3 children
born: 2011, 2012, 2013
thrown out of the window: 18 March 2014
Location: Treuchtlingen/Franken
Origin: Perpetrator: Iraq
Perpetrator: her father Aras K. (30 years)

The 30-year-old Aras comes from Iraq. His 22-year-old wife Katja comes from Portugal and wears a headscarf for him. They live in seclusion and have 3 children: a 10 month old boy and his sisters of 2 and 3 years old.

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Rabia and Denys
born: 1993
attempted murder: 25 May 2014
Residence: Fürstenwalde (Brandenburg)
Origin: Lebanon
Children: probably not
Perpetrators: Rabia's parents Mariam and Khaled (62 and 61 years old)

Mariam and Khaled are stateless Arabs from Lebanon. They are strictly Islamic and came to Germany in 1998. At that time their children were 5, 7 and 9 years old. Her daughter Rabia is allowed to graduate from high school and falls in love at the age of 20 with a school friend who converts to Islam for her.

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Basima M.
born: 1977
attempted murder: 26 October 2014
Residence: Munich
Origin: Iraq
Children: 4 (7, 9, 19, 22 years)
Perpetrator: her ex-husband Ismail Ahmad Moayad (44 years)

Basima has a daughter of 22 years old at the age of 37. At the age of 15 she was probably forced to marry by her parents. How the family came to Germany is unknown. There is at least one case of domestic violence, but probably countless. In the summer of 2013 Ismail beats up his wife and eldest daughter.

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Yazar B.
born: 1967
attempted murder: 7 December 2014
Location: Nienburg (Lower Saxony)
Origin: Turkey/Curds/Jesids
Children: unclear
Perpetrator: Nicolae, a Romanian hit man (33 years)

Yazar is the director of a furniture store in Nienburg. He may be in a relationship with a married woman from Hoya. At least that is what her 32-year-old husband Ragip believes. He conspires with his father, his wife's brother and her father.

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Yasmin F.
born: 1980
attempted murder: 18 October 2014
Residence: Berlin
Origin: Turkey
Children: 1 daughter
Perpetrator: her husband Sahin (46 years)

In 1998 Yasmin turns 18, she lives in Turkey and her parents marry her. It is only an imam marriage, because her husband Sahin has already married a German through a marriage of convenience. Yasmin comes to Berlin and has a daughter.

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born: 1994
Attempted murder: 13 October 2014
Location: Düsseldorf
Origin: Turkey
Children: unclear
Perpetrator: Eyüp Tolga Sasunlu (22 years)

Murat is married, but divorced and has a relationship with another woman. Her brother Eyüb Tolga considers this a violation of family honour. At a bus stop he hits a knife in the stomach of his sister friend.

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born: 1990
kidnap/murder threat: 5 October 2014
Location: Mainz/Frankfurt a.M.
Origin: Turkey
Children: none
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Eren (23 years)

Eren and Canan have probably been together since their teens. He lives in Mainz and she lives with her parents in Frankfurt. Violence occurs in the on-off relationship. Canan has to go to the emergency room at least once.

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Mehtap Savasci
born: 1974
murdered: 7 October 2014
Location: Kassel
Origin: Turkey
Children: unclear, at least 1 daughter
Perpetrator: her brother Mehmet (50 years)

Mehtap Savasci comes from a Turkish family and was born in Germany. She works in the Integration Department of the Immigration Department in Kassel. On 7 October 2014, she is abducted early in the morning on her way to work.

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Johanna B.
born: 1998
stabbed 19/20 September 2014
Residence: Münster
Origin: Victim: Germany; perpetrator: Morocco
Children: none
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Pascal P. (24 years)

Pascal studies social work and is a German-Moroccan rapper named Percee. He records a song with the green politician Hans-Christian Ströbele. Since a few months Johanna, a high school student, is his girlfriend.

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born: 1969
Murder: 1 August 2014
Location: Ellwangen (Baden-Württemberg)
Origin: Pakistan
Children: 5
Perpetrator: her husband Ahmad D. (63 years)

In 1998 Ansa married a man who was 18 years older, probably not voluntarily. For him it is the third marriage. Ansa - whose real name is unknown - gives birth to 5 children. It is said that wife and children are well integrated.

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Filiz Cekic
born: 1973
Stabbed to death: 24 July 2014
Location: Wuppertal
Origin: Turkey
Children: 2 daughters (11 and 14 years)
Perpetrator: her ex-husband Murat (42 years)

Filiz was born in Germany and has a German passport. She marries Murat in Turkey. They have 2 daughters and were divorced in the spring of 2014. A few weeks later Murat drives to his ex-wife. It comes to an argument. He stabs her.

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Leyla A.
born: 1994
Strangled: 20 July 2014
Location: Raunheim (near Darmstadt)
Origin: Victim: Morocco; perpetrator: Turkey
Children: 2 (18 and 2 months)
Perpetrator: her friend Mustafa C. (30 years)

Leyla is 16 years old, is abused by her Moroccan family and flees to a youth institution. Later she seeks shelter with Mustafa, who is 10 years older. He is an experienced car mechanic, but works as a courier and warehouse clerk.

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almost stabbed to death: 5 January 2014
Residence: Neuss/Düsseldorf
Origin: Turkey
Children: 2 sons
perpetrator: her divorced husband Arif C. (45 years)

After 25 years of marriage, Leyla is divorcing her husband Arif. A common son probably stays with Leyla, who works as a nurse. Arif's profession is indicated as an industrial mechanic. On 5 January 2014, after her service in the Heerdt Hospital, Leyla will go for a walk with a friend on the banks of the Rhine in Düsseldorf.

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born: 1988
Death threat: 8 January 2014
Residence: Olpe
Origin: Lebanon
Children: ?
Perpetrators: her parents (55 and 59 years old), 2 brothers and an aunt (47 years old)

This case is "only" a threatened honour killing. However, it very well demonstrates the impending situation of a victim of honour killings. Whereas in a pure relationship act the danger comes from the partner or former partner, in an honour killing the danger comes from partners, brothers, fathers, cousins and nieces.

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Neslihan Celik
born: 1987
stabbed: 9 February 2014
Location: Breidenbach (near Marburg)
Origin: Turkey
Children: none
Perpetrator: her husband Muhittin Celik (31 years)

Neslihan and Muhittin get married in 2011 and live in Wuppertal. Because Muhittin threatens and beats his wife, she asks her parents in August 2013 to move back to them. She says to her mother: "Otherwise he will kill me".

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Selim Özel
born: 1979
Recording: 9 February 2014
Residence: Berlin-Neukölln
Origin: Turkey
Children: unclear
Perpetrators: Ramazan G. (35 years) and Önder C. (24 years)

A long time ago, in the 1990s, Selim was said to have had an affair with Ramazan's fiancée. He called on his accomplice Önder to shoot Selim in a parking lot in Berlin-Neukölln with 6 shots in his car on the night of February 9, 2014.

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born: 1953
stabbed: 3 March 2014
Location: Schweinfurt
Origin: Turkey
Children: 2 daughters, 2 sons
Perpetrator: Yusuf Cevic, her divorced husband (72 years)

Kadriye is forced to get married at the age of 14 in Turkey. Her husband Yusuf goes to Germany seven years later as a guest worker and starts a second partnership with a German woman. He brings his eldest son to Germany.

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Yasmin I.
born: 1990
Stabbed to death: 14 March 2014
Location: Ahaus (near Münster)
Origin: supposed Turkey
Children: 3 (2, 4, 6 years)
Perpetrator: her ex-husband Ibrahim I. (34 years)

Yasmin lives with her three children separated from her husband. The family court forbids Ibrahim to enter the apartment. On 14 March 2014 he will visit her at noon in the family apartment. He kills her with 28 knife stings. Yasmin bleeds to death at the scene of the crime.

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born: 2003
stitched: 21 March 2014
Residence: Neu Wulmstorf near Hamburg
Origin: Palestinian / Gaza
Children: she was a child herself
Perpetrator: her brother Ahmed (18 years)

The assessment of this case is unclear. First the facts: 11-year-old Aaya will be killed on 21 March 2014 by violence against her upper body and neck. Her body is put in a garbage bag, which the police later find in a garden shed in her family's terraced house in Neu Wulmstorf near Hamburg.

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Anes B.
born: 1971
stabbed to death: 31 March 2014
Location: Kleef/ NRW
Origin: Turks / Kurds / Yezidis
Children: unclear
Perpetrators: Adil (31 years) and his brother Mekin O. (22 years)

You can see this murder as honour killing, but it can also be a clandispute. Here's the story: The Yezidian brothers Adil and Mekin are considered integrated. Which is not uncommon for Yezidi's. The marriage rules are all the more strictly enforced.

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Ann-Christin Khoudor
born: 1986
stabbed: May 21, 2014
Location: Minden
Origin: Victim: Germany; perpetrator: Turkey / Yezidi Kurd
Children: 2 (4 & 7 years) and one unborn
Perpetrator: her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend Ridvan M. (24 years)

On 21 May 2014, Ridvan, a Yezidi Kurd from Turkey, reports to the police that he has stabbed his girlfriend. The victim is Ann-Christin Khoudor, born Wimmer, a German who has converted to Islam. She may have been married to a Lebanese Kurd.

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born: 1987
stabbed to death: 18 June 2014
Residence: Neuenburg near Freiburg
Origin: Victim: Germany; perpetrator: Lebanon
Children: probably not
Perpetrator: Akram Y. (17 years), Kurdish Lebanese, possibly with his father Mustafa (48 years)

This case can be read as a civil guard right: A man rapes a woman. Her brother kills him in revenge. This case can also be read as honour killing: The motive is not the retaliation for the rape, but that the perpetrator saw his honour and the honour of his family contaminated.

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Hyusine A.
born: 1977
beaten to death: 21 June 2014
Residence: Berlin-Neukölln
Origin: Bulgaria or Turkey
Children: 2
Perpetrator: Ibrahim A. (43 years)

Hyusine and Ibrahim have been married for 23 years. They live in Berlin-Neukölln and have 2 children together. In the early morning of 21 June 2014 Hyusine is still asleep. Ibrahim comes to her bed and hits her head with a hammer.

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born: 1969
stabbed: August 3, 2014
Location: Afferde / Hameln (Lower Saxony)
Origin: Victim: Germany; Perpetrator: Turkey
Children: 2 sons (15 and 17 years)
Perpetrator: Erdan, her divorced living husband (42 years)

Christian and Erdan have two teenage sons. In June 2014 Christine will divorce and move with the sons to another apartment. Because of marital violence she gets a restraining order for her husband.

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Hafida R.
born: 1970
murdered: about 10 August 2014
Residence: Munich
Origin: Victim: Morocco; perpetrator: Iran
Children: 2 (3 and 7 years)
Perpetrator: her husband Abbas-Ali Rahat-Farimani (62 years)

Hafida has been married for 7 years to Abbas, who is 15 years older and works as a guard. The couple has 2 children. The family will probably go on holiday on 10 August 2014. Abbas-Ali stabs his wife and flees with the two children.

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born: 1992
Strangled: 30 August 2014
Residence: Fürth (Franken)
Origin: Victim: Germany; perpetrator: Lebanon
Children: one son (4 months)
Perpetrator: her friend Faysal El Hassan (43 years)

The 22-year-old Veronika has a four-month-old son with her friend Faysal, a stateless person from Lebanon. His profession is referred to as bar owner. Or he works in a bar. The two had met about 4 years earlier in a discotheque and had probably been a couple for about a year and a half.

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Selim Özel
born: 1979
Recording: 9 February 2014
Residence: Berlin-Neukölln
Origin: Turkey
Children: unclear
Perpetrators: Ramazan G. (35 years) and Önder C. (24 years)

A long time ago, in the 1990s, Selim was said to have had an affair with Ramazan's fiancée. He called on his accomplice Önder to shoot Selim in a parking lot in Berlin-Neukölln with 6 shots in his car on the night of February 9, 2014.

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