Honour killing stories 2013

born: 1965
Assassinated: 11 January 2013
Residence: Bad Krozingen (near Freiburg)
Origin: Victim: Germany; Perpetrator: Turkey
Children: 3 (of which 1 together)
Perpetrator: her divorced husband (32 years)

For some reason Susanne marries the 16 year younger Ali, who lives in Turkey, in 2003. Maybe it was a holiday flirtation, which was followed by a marriage and about a year later the resettlement of the man in Germany.

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Nura H. and her sister Gülten
born: 1975 (sister 1980 or vice versa)
Shot dead: 16 January 2013
Residence: Berlin-Neukölln
Origin: Victims: Bulgaria: Perpetrator: Turkey
Children: 1 daughter (16 or 19 years)
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Mehmet Ö. (45 years)

Mehmet Ö. is an unemployed hairdresser and musician in Berlin. His girlfriend Nura is from Bulgaria and has a daughter who probably lives in Bulgaria and only came to Germany shortly before the crime.

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Defrim & Shpetim
born: 1958 and 1987
stabbed: 29 January 2013
Residence: Neumarkt (near Nuremberg)
Origin: Kosovo
Perpetrator: Sejdi K., the ex-husband of his daughter/sister (44 years)

In 1994 Sejdi and Stresa get married. Stresa's family is considered well integrated. Maybe the wedding is about a residence permit for Sejdi. He sporadically works as a varnish man. The family mainly lives on welfare.

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Bahar Erdogan and her unborn daughter
born: 1990
stabbed: 19 January 2013
Residence: Bretten (near Karlsruhe)
Origin: Turkey
Children: 1 son and 1 unborn daughter
Perpetrator: her soon-to-be-husband Erdal Tunc (23 years)

Bahar and Erdal have a son together. Bahar is pregnant again. The wedding is about to take place. But she's divorcing because he beats her. On 19 January 2013, the builder stabs his almost wife with a kitchen knife. A neighbour finds her badly injured in the stairwell and calls the police.

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Yusra (Yüsra) Sukaya
born: 1982
strangled: 8 March 2013
Residence: Düsseldorf
Origin: Turkey / Kurds
Children: 3
Perpetrator: her husband Mehmet Sukaya (32 years)

Yusra is (allegedly already as a young girl) forced to marry her cousin Mehmet in Turkey and comes to Germany. Later the couple has three children. Violence soon occurs. There are several reports, including attacks with knife and gun.

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Daniela Karaffa
born: 1977
strangled: 12 March 2013
Residence: Munich-Pasing
Provenance: Victim: Slovakia; Perpetrator: Turkey
Children: 2 (2 and 5 years)
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Bülent A. (43 years)

Bülent and Daniela have two children: a son and a daughter. Presumably all four have German nationality. Daniela is getting a divorce and has a new boyfriend. Bülent doesn't want to accept this. He stalks and harasses her.

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born: 1975
stabbed to death: 8 May 2013
Place of residence: Alsdorf (near Aachen)
Origin: victim: presumed Turkey; perpetrator: Turkey
Children: 4
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Ramazan A. (39 years)

Ayse and Ramazan are 4 years together and have 2 children together. Both have 2 more children each from previous relationships. Because domestic violence occurs, Ayse obtains a prohibition of approach.

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Jolin S. and her unborn child
born: 1991
stabbed to death: 5 February 2013
Residence: Wiesbaden
Provenance: Victim: German-American; Perpetrator: Afghanistan
Children: she was pregnant
Perpetrator: her boyfriend Isa Sh. (23 years)

The 23-year-old student Isa was born in Germany, his family comes from Afghanistan. Since the end of 2011 he is together with legal assistant Jolin. On February 5, 2013, he stabs his partner, who is 3 months pregnant and is expecting a child from him, at her front door.

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born: 1982
stabbed: 19 May 2013
Residence: Duisburg
Origin: Sri Lanka
Children: 2
Perpetrator: her husband Jamal (46 years old)

Jamal came to Germany in 1992 as a civil war refugee from Sri Lanka. Later his family found him a wife, probably an imported bride. So in 2004 Cham was married by her family to a 15 year older man. They have 2 children and live in Duisburg.

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Neda Dzhambazova
born: 1969
Murdered: May/June 2013
Residence: Wiesbaden
Origin: Victim: Bulgaria; Perpetrator: Turkey
Children: at least 1 daughter
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend (40 years)

Neda and Ahmed have been connected for several years. The Bulgarian woman works in gastronomy. On 23 June 2013 her body is found severely dissected in a bush in Mainz. She can only be identified by a missing persons report from her daughter.

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Fabian S.
born: 1994
Attempted murder: 14 June 2013
Residence: Hoorn (NRW)
Origin: Victim: Germany; Perpetrator: Turkey
Children: none
Perpetrators: the parents of his ex-girlfriend, Beyaz and Ali G. (both 37 years)

Fabian is not dead. The case is in this archive because of the unusual constellation. At the end of 2011, 19-year-old Fabian will go out with 16-year-old Ayse. Her parents do not approve of the relationship.

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born: 1972
Attempted murder: 8 May 2013
Residence: Cologne
Origin: Victim: Germany; Perpetrator: Morocco
Children: a daughter (10 years)
Perpetrator: her divorced husband Marouane H. (38 years)

Marouane studied agronomy in Morocco and came to Germany in 2002. In 2003 he married Monika, a nurse, with whom he had a daughter. Monika will divorce in 2011, which Marouane will not accept. He pursues her, becomes violent and in April 2012, after three months in custody, is sentenced to one year's probation.

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born: 1979
Attempted murder: 24 June 2013
Residence: Vellmar near Kassel
Provenance: victim: unclear, possibly Romania; perpetrator: Turkey
Children: unclear
Perpetrator: the brother of his ex-girlfriend (20 years)

Alberto gets to know 17-year-old Filiz at the employment office. The two have a short relationship. How far this relationship goes is completely unclear. In any case, Filiz' brother will not tolerate the relationship.

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Marina and an unborn child
born: 1976
stabbed: 1 July 2013
Residence: Marburg
Provenance: Victim: Croatia; Perpetrator: Serbia
Children: 3 and an unborn child
Perpetrator: her husband (32 years)

Marina is a Christian Croat. She has a seven year old child from a previous relationship and two children (2 & 3 years) from her marriage to Aco. He is a builder and Muslim Serb. The family first lives in Berlin, later in Marburg.

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Gzime / Gesime I.
born: 1976
stabbed to death: 9 July 2013
Residence: Hamburg
Origin: Macedonia
Children: 3 (14-17 years)
Perpetrator: her ex-husband Avdi (40 years)

Avdi and Gzime are from Macedonia. Gzime runs a cleaning company, where her husband works part-time. They have three teenage children. There is quarrel and violence. Gzime is asking for a divorce. For the time being, Avdi stays in the family home and moves in the spring of 2013.

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born: 1969
Attempted murder with acid: 20 July 2013
Residence: Pinneberg (near Hamburg)
Provenance: Victim: Poland; Perpetrator: Turkey
Children: 1 daughter (about 10 years old)
Perpetrator: Birol K., her divorced living husband (53 years)

Dorota and Birol have been divorced since 2011, the divorce is imminent. Dorota works as a cleaning lady, has a new boyfriend and a 10-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. Birol, who works as a taxi driver, does not want to accept that his ex-wife turns to someone else.

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Vanessa Worschischek
born: 1991 or 1993
Run over by car: 27 July 2013
Residence: Kastel / Wiesbaden
Origin: Victim: Germany; Perpetrator: Turkey
Children: probably none
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Ahmet Ünlü (25 years)

This action can be preceded by a discussion in a parking lot, which Ahmet ends with driving over his ex-girlfriend in the car. She is thrown off the road and lies injured on the ground. Then he drives over her a couple of times and drives away at high speed.

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Hatice Gundüz
born: 1994
shot: 14 August 2013
Residence: Essen
Origin: Turkey
Children: none
Perpetrator: her father Cemil G. (50 years )

On August 14, 2013, Cemil shoots his daughter Hatice. However, he may have wanted to kill her mother (i.e. his wife) and the daughter came to her rescue. Neighbors hear the shots and call the police. Hatice dies, the 45-year-old mother Münewer fights to survive in hospital.

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Ulla N.
born: 1968
burned: 5/6 October 2013
Residence: Berlin-Charlottenburg
Provenance: Victim: Germany; Perpetrator: Cuba
Children: probably none
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Jorge Q. (51 years)

Is this case an honour killing or not? First of all, it's a crime within a relationship. The perpetrator is a Cuban programmer named Jorge, who works in Munich on weekdays with an Italian passport.

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Nuran K.
born: 1966
stabbed to death: 13 October 2013
Residence: Hamm
Origin: Turkey
Children: 2 daughters (13 and 15 years)
Perpetrator: her divorced husband Bahri (52 years)

Nuran and Bahri's marriage is violent.The marriage of Nuran and Bahri is violent. After 17 years, Nuran divorces in 2011. The two teenage daughters stay with their mother. Because the threats continue, a daughter obtains a restraining order.

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Sampre B.
born: 1984
stabbed to death: 14 October 2013
Residence: Munich-Giesing
Origin: Greece/Turkish border
Children: 2 sons (6 and 8 years)
Perpetrator: her divorced husband Taifoun A. (33 years)

Taifoun belongs to the Turkish minority in Greece, comes from the Greek-Turkish border area and is a Muslim. He will probably marry Sampre around 2005. They have two sons. At the beginning of 2011 the family comes to Germany. With the move, the relationship is in crisis.

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Vanessa S.
born: 1983
Assassinated: 29/30 October 2013
Residence: Hannover
Origin: Victim: Germany; Perpetrator: Turkey
Children: 1 son (2 years)
Perpetrator: her divorced living husband Vahdi S. (30 years)

Vanessa is an educator and has a two-year-old son with her husband Vahdi. The couple lives divorced. On 29 October 2014, Vahdi will have access to Vanessa's apartment through the balcony at 2 am. First he attacks her new boyfriend (27).

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Moujumba B.
born: 1979
stabbed to death: 3 November 2013
Residence: Cologne-Dünnwald
Provenance: Victim: Kenya; Perpetrator: Tanzania
Children: 7
Perpetrator: her husband Rama (or Rajabu, 40 years)

You can read this murder as an honour killing. You can also read it as a revenge story, one witness mentions as a possibility even a voodoo murder. Story one: Moujumba is 34 years old and has 7 children of different men.

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Assassination attempt: November 18, 2013
Residence: Flensburg
Origin: Lebanon
Children: 2 sons
Perpetrator: her ex-partner Ahmad H. (48 years)

In July 2013 Zada breaks up with her boyfriend Ahmad. On November 18, shortly before 4 a.m., he invades her apartment and wounds her and an attending sister with a hatchet and pistol. He pours 13 liters of petrol and motor oil into the hall and the attic and sets the house on fire.

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born: 1983
Shot dead: 25 November 2013
Residence: Cologne
Origin: Turkey
Children: 2 (1 and 5 years)
Perpetrator: her husband Gürkan Sunman (33 years)

The marriage of Hümeyra and Gürkan is in crisis, possibly due to his extreme jealousy. There is talk of a divorce. Gürkan's profession is mentioned as a mechanic, hers as a housewife. On 25 November 2013 Gürkan kills his wife with a placed head shot.

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Nigina H.
born: 1997
stabbed: 27 November 2013
Residence: Bad Homburg
Origin: Afghanistan
Children: none, she was only 16 years old
Perpetrator: her father Abdul Karim H. (40 years)

Nigina was born in Kabul, her two younger siblings in Germany. Since 2000 children and parents are recognized as asylum seekers and live in Bad Homburg. Reportedly, the father was a policeman in Afghanistan. He does not work in Germany.

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Rabiya A. born: 1992
Attempted murder: 26 December 2013
Residence: Landau
Origin: Turkey
Children: 1 baby
Perpetrator: her husband Fatih (22 years old)

Rabiya and Fatih will get to know each other through the internet in the summer of 2012. Her family probably has reservations. Therefore, Fatih "kidnaps" half a year later his bride to Turkey for the wedding.

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Murssal A.
born: 1989
strangled: 27 December 2013
Residence: Frankfurt/M.
Origin: Afghanistan
Children: probably none
Perpetrator: her father Abdul A. (47 years)

Murssal lives in Frankfurt, has two sisters and is considered well integrated. However, the parents hardly speak German. The family has been in Germany for several years. Murssal's father Abdul is looking for a man to marry her in Afghanistan. She should live there too.

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