Honour killing story

Nuran K.
born: 1966
stabbed to death: 13 October 2013
Residence: Hamm
Origin: Turkey
Children: 2 daughters (13 and 15 years)
Perpetrator: her divorced husband Bahri (52 years)
Nuran and Bahri's marriage is violent.The marriage of Nuran and Bahri is violent. After 17 years, Nuran divorces in 2011. The two teenage daughters stay with their mother. Because the threats continue, a daughter obtains a restraining order.

Bahri does not accept this and lures his ex-wife to the basement on October 13, 2013. Allegedly he wants to get a bike. She probably takes a mobile phone out of fear, so she can stay in touch with her daughter.

Bahri stabs his ex-wife in the cellar 16 times with a hunting and butcher's knife. Probably the daughter listens to everything. Then he goes into the apartment. Clearly, he also wants to kill his older daughter. Neighbours hide the 15-year-old and call the police. Bahri's been arrested in the apartment.

Nuran is dying despite emergency surgery in the hospital.

The girls are placed in a nursing home. The process will start in March 2014. It turns out that Bahri was serving a prison sentence (for violence against his ex-wife and daughter) and had time off when he committed the murder. He is silent about the crime. A daughter reports daily assaults and kicks and years of violence.

In July, the perpetrator is sentenced to life imprisonment for murder by the Hamm regional court.

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