Honour killing story

Vanessa S.
born: 1983
Assassinated: 29/30 October 2013
Residence: Hannover
Origin: Victim: Germany; Perpetrator: Turkey
Children: 1 son (2 years)
Perpetrator: her divorced living husband Vahdi S. (30 years)
Vanessa is an educator and has a two-year-old son with her husband Vahdi. The couple lives divorced.

On 29 October 2014, Vahdi will have access to Vanessa's apartment through the balcony at 2 am. First he attacks her new boyfriend (27). He flees, wants help from the neighbours, but they don't open the door. He drags himself bleeding 500 meters to a gas station and calls the police from there. Meanwhile Vahdi cuts the throat of his ex-wife.

The common son is in the apartment during the deed. Then he is placed in a foster family. The perpetrator is arrested at the scene of the crime. Vanessa's new boyfriend is taken to the hospital.

In May 2014, the perpetrator will be sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for manslaughter by the Court of Hanover. In addition, he must pay the injured friend 13,000 euros compensation for pain and suffering.

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