Honour killing story

Vanessa Worschischek
born: 1991 or 1993
Run over by car: 27 July 2013
Residence: Kastel / Wiesbaden
Origin: Victim: Germany; Perpetrator: Turkey
Children: probably none
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Ahmet Ünlü (25 years)
This action can be preceded by a discussion in a parking lot, which Ahmet ends with driving over his ex-girlfriend in the car. She is thrown off the road and lies injured on the ground. Then he drives over her a couple of times and drives away at high speed.

The parking lot is near a swimming pool. So it is also conceivable that the perpetrator ambushed his ex-girlfriend there and argued. There are also witnesses who say Vanessa ran away from her ex-boyfriend.

After the crime, Vanessa dies in the ambulance. Witnesses give details about the vehicle at the scene of the crime and the license plate. The perpetrator is picked up at a clinic late at night after an APB. He remains silent in court. The warrant is for murder. The suspect has a German passport.

In June 2014 the trial will start at the District Court of Wiesbaden. In August Ahmed is sentenced to 8 years and 10 months imprisonment for manslaughter. The Public Prosecutor's Office will appeal.

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