Honour killing story

Angelique / unborn child
Attempted murder / stabbing to death: 11 July 2012
Residence: Delmenhorst
Origin: Perpetrator: Turkey / Kurds / Yazidi; Victim: Germany
Perpetrator: Sehrivan, the sister of the father of the unborn child
The constellation of this honour killing is very unusual. Yet the honor motive plays a decisive role.

Sehrivan is Yezidin. Her best friend Angelique is German and lives with Sehrivan's brother. The two are expecting a child.

Yazidi often live better integrated, but have all the strict marriage rules. It comes down to the fact that the family of the father of the child does not want that child. Sehrivan's mother and the father of the child urge 19-year-old Angelique to have an abortion. But she refuses.

Sehrivan is visiting her pregnant friend. To kill the unborn child, she stabs her friend 12 times in the house entrance, of which 7 times in the stomach. At the hospital, Angelique undergoes emergency surgery and loses her unborn child.

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