Honour killing story

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Dilek V.
born: 1983
stabbed to death: 15. March 2017
Place of residence: Kiel
Origin: Turkey
Children: 1 daughter (at act 10 y.), 2 sons (5 and 15 y.)
Perpetrator: her husband Aytekin (40 y.)
Dilek marries at 17 and has her first child at 18, which indicates a forced marriage and / or import marriage. Later she and her husband Aytekin have 3 children and live in Kiel, where he was born. He beats them up during his 2016 holiday in Turkey, probably not for the first time. Then she separates, moves out of the apartment with the children, there are further acts of violence.

In March 2017 Dilek is granted custody. The father doesn't want to accept this and lurks for her when she brings the children to the day care center and school in the morning of March 15, 2017.

Aytekin stabs his wife with a knife 23 times, cuts her throat and bleeds her to death on the street. The 5-year-old son has to witness the crime. Dilek dies, the perpetrator is arrested nearby. He has a German and a Turkish passport, they only have a Turkish one. The children are taken into the care of the Youth Welfare Office and a foster family.

In November 2017 the trial before the Regional Court of Kiel begins. In May 2018, the perpetrator is sentenced to life imprisonment for murder.

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