Honour killing story

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Hediye, Emine, Gönil
born: 1966, 1968, 1970
stabbed: 18 December 2016
Location: Babenhausen / Hesse
Origin: Turkey
Children: probably some
Perpetrator: Sultan U. (54 years)
Hediye is getting divorced from her husband Sultan. There would have been another discussion in her house. Hediye asks her sisters for help, probably because she is afraid of her husband.

Sultan stabbed his ex-wife and her two sisters in the apartment. One of the sisters remains lying down, the other two flee into the street. He keeps sticking on her and flees.

Neighbors call the police - probably not for the first time. A few hours later, the perpetrator is arrested.

The women are taken to the hospital, the woman who is still married is now in mortal danger. But everyone survives.

In August 2017 the trial in the court of Darmstadt will start. Hediye wants to take all the blame in court. She withdraws the divorce and the claim for punishment because her husband was so good to her. The judge is not impressed by the show. In the same month, the perpetrator is sentenced to 7 years and 6 months imprisonment for two attempted manslaughter and the infliction of serious bodily harm.

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