Honour killing story

Jolanta K.
born: 1971
stabbed: 24 July 2016
Residence: Reutlingen
Origin: Victim: Poland; Perpetrator: Syria
Children: she had 4 (8-23 years)
Perpetrator: Mohamad, a Syrian refugee (22 years)
What makes the murder an honour killing? The motive - and that is controversial in this case. Honour, property, drugs, psychological disorders?

Jolanta has 4 children, gets divorced and goes from Poland to Germany to earn money. She works as a kitchen helper or cleaning lady in a kebab stand in Reutlingen, where she meets the 22-year-old Syrian refugee Mohamad.

He stalks and insults her. In some media it is said that the two were a couple. At one point it is said that she was pregnant. She probably turned down his advances and was afraid of him.

On 24 July 2016 Mohamad stabbed Jolanta in the Dönershop with a machete or a kebab knife. The public staging could point to an honor motive that mixes with narcissistic disorders or possibly a marriage wish to get a residence permit. Then Mohamad walks through the street and hurts another 5 people, which may indicate a drug problem. He is hit by a car and stops. He is wounded and goes to the hospital.

The fictitious love affair can be a romanticization of the act (relational act instead of refugee crime). Mohamad was already registered for abuse.

In January 2017 the trial for murder, 2 attempted murders and serious bodily harm starts at the Tübingen court. Mohamad claims that he is only 20 years old, the trial should take place before the youth room. An appeal to his parents in Syria does not confirm this.

In April Mohamad is sentenced to life imprisonment. The special seriousness of the guilt is determined.

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