Honour killing story

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Liridon B.
born: 1990
attempted murder: 28 March 2016
Residence: Berlin-Neukölln
Origin: Albania
Children: probably not
Perpetrators: Besfort, Besnik, Ilir (22, 23, 23 years)
Shkurte is a 20-year-old Albanian girl who was promised by her parents to a friend of the family, Ilir. But she is in love with her cousin Liridon.

To take him out, Shkurtes brother Besnik and the rejected Ilir make an appointment with another friend. The three of them are waiting for Liridon in his girlfriend Shkurte's stairwell and they stab him. A neighbour calls the fire brigade. Liridon undergoes emergency surgery and survives.

Besfort probably has a German passport, Ilir an Albanian passport, Besnik a Macedonian passport.

In September the trial for attempted murder begins at the Berlin court. There you can also hear about the theory that Ilir is really the lover of Shkurtes mother. She wanted him close to her, so he married her daughter. Perhaps Ilir would have received a German passport through this method.

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