Honour killing story

Mary Kamathi Waithera
born: 1990
beaten to death: 16-17 January 2018
Place of residence: Essen
Origin: Kenya / Tanzania
Children: none
Perpetrator: Halfan Halfan Ally (at act 32 y.)
Mary is coming as au pair from Nairobi to Germany in 2011. She meets a German on the internet and marries him in 2012. She is trained as a geriatric nurse and also works in a kiosk. There she is found by a colleague lying on the floor on the morning of 17 January 2018 with a head wound.

Halfan Halfan Ally is from Tanzania and already on record for violence against his German ex-wife. Maybe he is the owner of the kiosk and had an affair with her. Maybe Mary even gave him money. Since the motive is unclear, it is also unclear whether the crime is an honour murder.

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