Islamic terrorism

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Three dead and five injured
born: ?
Murder: 18 March 2019
Location: Utrecht
Origin: Turkey
Children: ?
Perpetrator: Turkish Gökman Tanis (37 y.)
On Monday 18 March, three people were killed, and five were injured, in a shooting in a tram on the 24 Oktoberplein in the Kanaleneiland district in Utrecht.

The police have arrested 37-year-old Turkish Gökman Tanis for this.

Islamic terror is probably the motive. The victims (Roos Verschuur (19) from Vianen, a father of two from Utrecht, and a young woman from the Oog in Al district) had no connection with the mass murderer.

Police initially assumed an Islamic terrorist attack because one of the perpetrators had called "Allahu akbar" and rumours were circulating about shootings at several locations.

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