Honour killing story

Mervete G.
born: 1977
Shot: April 1, 2018
Residence: Winterlingen (Baden-Württemberg)
Origin: Victim: Kosovo; Perpetrator: Serbia
Children: 4 (at act 6, 8, 12, 17 y.)
Perpetrator: her ex-husband Dugi G. (48 y.)
On Easter Sunday 2018 the 48-year-old Serbian Dugi shoots his wife Mervete in the family apartment in Winterlingen on the Swabian Alb. She dies at the scene of the crime. Their 17-year-old daughter is also injured and sent to the hospital. Their 3 younger siblings were also in the house at the time of the crime. The murder weapon is seized.

After the crime, 12 family members are cared for. Grandparents come from Switzerland. It is unclear whether the parents of the victim or the perpetrator take the children with them.

The perpetrator called the police himself and is arrested in front of the apartment. He is a Serbian with a German passport, which the mayor describes as fully integrated. The victim, Mervete, comes from Kosovo.

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