Honour killing story

born: 1994
stabbed to death: 4 February 2018
Residence: Borna (near Leipzig)
Origin: Syria / Kurds
Children: 2 sons (at act 1 and 2 years)
Perpetrator: her husband Ghassan T. (at act 33 y.)
A Syrian stabs his wife in an asylum in Borna, Saxony, on February 4, 2018. She dies in the hospital. The two infants witnessed the act.

The perpetrator is arrested at the scene of the crime. The children are taken into the custody of the Department of Youth Affairs.

The case becomes public 5 days later. The following statement can be found in the Leipziger Volkszeitung: "The authorities have so far kept the incident secret. A spokesman for the Leipzig Police Department explained that the alleged murder had taken place inside a building and within the family."

The trial begins in September at the Leipzig Regional Court. One learns that Nahrene and Ghassan, who is almost 10 years older, married in 2014 and then lived in Turkey (or Greece) and Portugal. In 2017 they came to Germany. Ghassan had already lost a leg before his wedding because of an attack. He comes to court in a wheelchair. The children now live in a foster family.

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