Honour killing story

Alaa W.
born: 2001
Attempted murder: 27 February 2018
Place of residence: Laupheim (near Ulm)
Origin: Victims: Palestinians / Libya; Perpetrators: Palestinians / Libya and Syria
Children: 1 (at act 10 Mo. old), she is again pregnant
Perpetrator: her "husband" Alla R. (at act 34 y.) and his brother Abd Alrahman W. (20 y.)
Alaa comes to Germany with her Palestinian family from Libya around 2015 (perhaps earlier). Here she is married at the age of 15 in an imam marriage to a Syrian refugee 17 years older. His name is also mentioned as "Alla R.". (other spelling), perhaps he is also Palestinian. In Syria he left his first wife and 2 children behind.

Alaa has a son, separates in autumn 2017 and moves back to her parents in Swabian Laupheim. At the end of 2017 she is pregnant again, probably by her new boyfriend Jamal.

Jamal is 26 and since spring 2017 with parents and 9 siblings in Germany. He already knows Alaa from Libya, presumably he is also Palestinian.

Alaas 20-year-old brother Abd Alrahman is already in custody for terrorist activities - since the end of 2016. He is released on 26 February 2018. A court had suspended the arrest warrant until the next hearing.

The next day the brother tries to kill his sister in the family apartment. The parents are present. There is a video about this in which another brother smokes a cigarette with enjoyment while his sister is almost bleeding to death.

Somebody calls 911. The knife is found at the scene of the crime. Alaa comes to the hospital and survives, as does her unborn child.

Both perpetrators are fleeing immediately, her "husband" and her brother. But the next day they are arrested in a train to Schweinfurt.

In March it was reported that Alaas' father Sami W. (64 years old) had been the subject of proceedings against sexual abuse of children against conditions only in January. The custody is withdrawn from him, because of omitted assistance one determines. In March father and mother Khaoula are arrested under the suspicion of being accomplices.

In September 2018 the trial will begin at Ravensburg Regional Court. Alaa discharges her parents. Perhaps other parts of the family have put her under pressure. Or Alaa herself thinks that her parents did the right thing. The parents are then set free. Alaa's older child is in the custody of the Youth Welfare Office at a secret location. Where the newborn is is unclear.

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