Honour killing stories 2018

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Sandra P. and her daughter
Born: 1984, 2017
stung / beheaded: 12. April 2018
Location: Hamburg
Origin: Victim: Germany; Perpetrator: Niger
Children: 5, of which 1 daughter (at act 1 y.), who is also killed.
Perpetrator: her ex-friend Mourtala Madou (33 y.)

Sandra comes from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and has lived in Hamburg for about 4 years. She has 5 children of 4 fathers. Her youngest daughter is 1 year old and was conceived by a refugee from Niger, West Africa. He came to Germany in April 2013 and lived in the Lampedusa Group

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Shahad F.
born: 1999
strangled: 7 January 2018
Place of residence: Hof (Upper Franconia)
Origin: Victim: Iraq; verm. perpetrator: Syria
Children: 1 son (1 y.)
probably. Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend

Shahad has lived in Germany as an asylum seeker since 2016. On 7 January 2018 Shahad family members find her body and call the emergency doctor, who can only determine death. Her 1-year-old baby goes to family members. Shahad would have been with a Syrian, probably he is the father of the child. We would be happy with clues!

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born: 1994
stabbed to death: 4 February 2018
Residence: Borna (near Leipzig)
Origin: Syria / Kurds
Children: 2 sons (at act 1 and 2 years)
Perpetrator: her husband Ghassan T. (at act 33 y.)

The perpetrator is arrested at the scene of the crime. The children are taken into the custody of the Department of Youth Affairs. The case becomes public 5 days later. The following statement can be found in the Leipziger Volkszeitung: "The authorities have so far kept the incident secret. A spokesman for the Leipzig Police Department explained that the alleged murder had taken place inside a building and within the family."

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Alaa W.
born: 2001
Attempted murder: 27 February 2018
Place of residence: Laupheim (Ulm)
Origin: Victims: Palestinians / Libya; Perpetrators: Palestinians / Libya and Syria
Children: 1 (at act 10 Mo. old), she is again pregnant
Perpetrator: her "husband" Alla R. (at act 34 y.) and his brother Abd Alrahman W. (20 y.)

Alaa comes to Germany with her Palestinian family from Libya around 2015 (perhaps earlier). Here she is married at the age of 15 in an imam marriage to a Syrian refugee 17 years older. His name is also mentioned as "Alla R.". (other spelling), perhaps he is also Palestinian.

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born: 1994
Attempted murder: 6 February 2018
Place of residence: Schwerin
Origin: Syria
Children: unclear
Perpetrator: her brother (at act 25 y.)

Sahar and her family live on the 2nd floor of a flat in Schwerin. On February 6, Sahar's brother holds her upside down at her feet over the balcony balustrade and lets her drop 7 meters into the depth. Sahar arrives in hospital seriously injured and survives. Residents call the police. The perpetrator resists arrest. He is probably known to the police.

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born: 1991
Attempted murder: 12 January 2018
Place of residence: Kefenrod (Hesse)
Origin: Iran
Children: 1 daughter (at act 6 y.) and 1 son (4 y.)
Perpetrator: her husband Mahan K. (35 yrs.)

Nia and Mahan come to Germany in January 2017 with 2 children from Iran. The family lives in a refugee shelter in Wetteraukreis, Hessen. In August 2017 Nia separates. On January 12, 2018, the father goes with a knife at his wife and two children. He hurts his daughter and son at the neck and chokes his wife.

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born: 1975
Attempted murder: January 13-14, 2018
Place of residence: Duisburg
Origin: Perpetrator: Syria
Children: 3
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Abdul Aziz Ali (38 y.)

On the night of January 14, 2018, the Syrian Abdul breaks open his ex-girlfriend's door and hits her with an iron rod. He also hits his 13-year-old daughter. But she can escape and call neighbours for help. Abdul flees. The mother comes to the hospital with severe head injuries. There are probably 2 older siblings, a girl and a boy, who were not at home at the time of the act.

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Mona A.
born: 2000
Attempted murder: 29 January 2018
Place of residence: Berlin
Origin: Syria
Children: unclear
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Kassim A. (at act 29 y.)

On January 29, 2018, Syrian Kassim stabbed his 18-year-old ex-girlfriend on the open street in Berlin-Neukölln. Witnesses arrest the perpetrator and call the police. He defends himself fiercely. The knife is seized. Mona arrives at the hospital seriously injured and undergoes emergency surgery. Elsewhere it is said that Mona is the wife of the perpetrator. He is said to have stalked her several times. He had applied for asylum under 3 different identities.

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Mary Kamathi Waithera
born: 1990
beaten to death: 16-17 January 2018
Place of residence: Essen
Origin: Kenya / Tanzania
Children: none
Perpetrator: Halfan Halfan Ally (at act 32 y.)

Mary is coming as au pair from Nairobi to Germany in 2011. She meets a German on the internet and marries him in 2012. She is trained as a geriatric nurse and also works in a kiosk. There she is found by a colleague lying on the floor on the morning of 17 January 2018 with a head wound. Halfan Halfan Ally is from Tanzania and already on record for violence against his German ex-wife.

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born: 1977
Attempted murder: 27 March 2018
Place of residence: Duisburg-Marxloh
Origin: presumed Turkey
Children: at least 1 daughter (at act 18 y.)
Perpetrator: her husband (56 y.)

On March 27, 2018, a Turk in the family residence attacks his 15 year younger wife with a knife. The 18-year-old daughter intervenes, she is also injured. The perpetrator is arrested. This leads to riots on the street. Hülya comes to the hospital badly injured, as does her daughter. A homicide squad investigates. Hülya is not the real name of the woman.

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born: 1987
stabbed to death: 14. March 2018
Place of residence: Kaiserslautern
Origin: unclear
Children: 1 son of his girlfriend (at act 3 y.)
Perpetrator: the ex-friend of his girlfriend (at act 37 y.)

Fati is in his girlfriend's apartment in Kaiserslautern. She has a 3 year old son from another man. Recently they separated, the father of the child now lives in Landstuhl, west of Kaiserslautern. This father attacks Fati with a knife and a baseball bat. He also attacks his ex-girlfriend. Fati dies in the hospital, the woman survives.

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born: 1983, 1981
Attempted murder: 10 May 2018
Place of residence: Duisburg / Essen
Origin: Perpetrator: Iraq / Syria
Children: unclear
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend and a young Syrian (at act 50 y., 21 y.)

The manner of this murder attempt is unusual for honor killings. "Normally" a knife is used, like in a ritual slaughter. "Normally" the murder is publicly staged. But not this one. On 10 May 2018 Inana will be driving on the motorway in the morning. She notices that her braking system is not working, calls the police, lets the car roll out and controls it against a tarpaulin.

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Om Marwan
born: 1981
stabbed: 2. March 2018
Place of residence: Mühlacker (near Karlsruhe)
Origin: Syria
Children: 4
Perpetrator: her ex-husband Abu Marwan (at act 41 y.)

Om lives with 3 of her children in Mühlacker near Karlsruhe. Their father, her ex-husband Abu Marwan lives separated, possibly with a fourth son (at act 12 y.). On March 2, 2018, the ex-husband stabbed his wife with in the neck in her apartment. The perpetrator flees the scene with one of the sons. The underage daughter who lives in the apartment calls the police.

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born: 1990
Attempted murder: March 29, 2018
Place of residence: Heimsheim (near Stuttgart)
Origin: Afghanistan
Children: yes, number unclear
Perpetrator: her separated husband (at act 32 y.)

There is almost nothing known about this story, not even the right names. It is likely that Leila and her husband are refugees from Afghanistan and have several children. She separates. The abandoned stalks the victim and lurks outside her front door. So also on 29 March 2018 (Maundy Thursday). The man stabbed his wife, probably before the eyes of the children.

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Mervete G.
born: 1977
Shot: April 1, 2018
Residence: Winterlingen (Baden-Württemberg)
Origin: Victim: Kosovo; Perpetrator: Serbia
Children: 4 (at act 6, 8, 12, 17 y.)
Perpetrator: her ex-husband Dugi G. (48 y.)

On Easter Sunday 2018 the 48-year-old Serbian Dugi shoots his wife Mervete in the family apartment in Winterlingen on the Swabian Alb. She dies at the scene of the crime. Their 17-year-old daughter is also injured and sent to the hospital. Their 3 younger siblings were also in the house at the time of the crime. The murder weapon is seized. After the crime, 12 family members are cared for.

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Mireille B.
born: 2001
stabbed to death: 12. March 2018
Place of residence: Flensburg
Origin: Victims: Germany; Perpetrators: Afghanistan
Children: probably none
Perpetrator: Ahmad G. (at act 18 y.)

Ahmad is coming to Germany from Afghanistan in 2015. His application for asylum is rejected, but the rejection is not yet legally binding when he stabs the 17-year-old trainee Mireille 14 times with a knife in her apartment. It is said that he had been in a relationship with her for over a year. A witness will later say in court that it was a 2-year on-off relationship. The perpetrator calls the rescue service, which tries in vain to save Mireille's life.

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Vivien K.
born: 1994
Attempted murder: 24 March 2018
Place of residence: Burgwedel (Lower Saxony)
Origin: Victims: Germany; perpetrators: Syria/Palestinians
Children: none
Perpetrator: Abdullah A. (bl. 17 y.)

This attempted murder should not appear in this archive at first. The victim is a random victim, so there is no honour motive, at least not in the classical sense. However, the perpetrator later states that honour is the motive for the crime. Therefore we take the case anyway. The perpetrators are 3 young Palestinians who came to Germany from Syria in 2013.

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born: 1971
Attempted murder: 17 April 2018
Place of residence: Berlin
Origin: Turkey
Children: several
Perpetrator: her father (at act 75 y.)

Dilara is 47 years old, has several children and works as a saleswoman in a shopping mall in Berlin-Gropiusstradt. She wants to leave her husband. Her father sees this as a violation of family honor. He may have chosen her husband. On April 17, 2018, he stabbed his daughter in the shopping center during her lunch break.

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Susanne Thierolf-Becirevic
born: 1978
suffocated: 5 April 2018
Place of residence: Langen (near Frankfurt/M.)
Origin: Victim: Germany; Perpetrator: Bosnia
Children: 1 daughter, 1 son (at act 13 and 16 y.)
Perpetrator: her husband Edin Becirevic (46 y.)

With 17 years Susanne gets to know the 7 years older Edin. He has Bosnian parents, was born in Germany and is sent to his grandparents in Bosnia to start school. He returns at the age of 17, presumably to escape the Bosnian military service.

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born: 2000
Attempted murder: 12 April 2018
Place of residence: Westerburg (near Koblenz)
Origin: Victim: Afghanistan; Perpetrator: Syria
Children: probably none
Perpetrator: a Syrian (at act 40 y.) and his two sons (15 and 17 years)

A young Syrian woman falls in love with Amir, a young Afghan. Her family is against it: since the end of 2016 she has been threatening the young Afghan, partly verbally, partly with violence. On April 12, 2018, a 40-year-old Syrian sees the young Afghan on the street in Westerburg. He picks up his sons from home and attacks the young man.

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Patrycja F.
born: 1986
stabbed: 19. April 2018
Place of residence: Berlin-Wedding
Origin: Victims: Poles; perpetrators: suspected Palestinians
Children: 4 (at action 2, 4, 8, 11 y.)
Perpetrator: her husband Ahmed T. (at action 39 y.)

Ahmed and Patrycja have 2 girls (to act 2 and 11 y.) and 2 boys (4, 8 y.). The father is said to have been a member of the Hell's Angels club. On April 19, 2018 again there is trouble in the family apartment. Patrycja wants to separate. Neighbours call the police, who have often been in the apartment.

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born: 1986
murdered: 17 May 2018
Place of residence: Bockenem (Hildesheim district)
Origin: Bulgaria (probably Roma)
Children: 2
Perpetrator: her husband (at act 32 y.)

Dana works in a fast food shop, lives with her Bulgarian extended family in a house in Bockenem in Lower Saxony and has 2 children. On 17 May 2018 she disappears. A cyclist noticed 10 days later the smell on a small road in Sehnde-Höver. In the bushes he finds the naked decomposed corpse. The husband denies the crime, but gets entangled in contradictions and is arrested.

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Susanna Maria Feldmann
born: 2004
murdered: 22/23 May 2018
Place of residence: Mainz / Wiesbaden
Origin: Victims: Germany; Perpetrators: Iraq
Children: none, she was only 14 J.
Perpetrator: Ali Bashar Ahmad Z. (at act appl. 20 y.)

On May 22, 2018 Susanna is on the road with friends in the city center of Wiesbaden. She doesn't come home in the evening, since then she has disappeared. Ali Bashar is coming to Germany with his family (2 parents, 6 children) from Iraq in October 2015 with the large stream of refugees. The family lives in a refugee house in Wiesbaden.

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born: 1973
Attempted murder: 18 May 2018
Place of residence: Neubrandenburg (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)
Origin: Victims: Germany; Perpetrators: Turkey
Children: probably none
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend (at act 29 y.)

Ali comes from Turkey and applies for asylum in Germany. He meets a German woman 9 years older. Probably this will increase his chances of staying. Nevertheless, the asylum application is rejected. The relationship will break up in 2017. On 18 May 2018, Ali stabbed his new friend (a 31-year-old with a Turkish/German double pass) in the neck late in the evening.

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Milo, Viktor (and attempted murder on 2 women, one of them pregnant)
born: 1983, 1981
Shot: May 19, 2018
Place of residence: Saarbrücken
Origin: Eastern Europe
Children: several, unclear
Perpetrator: his father or father-in-law (at act 59 y.)

On May 19, 2018, a man stormed a family celebration in Saarbrücken Brebach-Fechingen. He shoots his son (35 y.) and his son-in-law (37 y.). He also shoots his divorced ex-wife (60 y.) and his daughter (30 y., pregnant). The two women survive seriously injured. Several children are present during the crime.

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born: 2000
Attempted murder: 11 January 2018
Place of residence: Pleidelsheim (near Stuttgart)
Origin: Turkey
Children: probably none
Perpetrator: her mother (at act 41 y.)

Women can also be perpetrators of honour crimes. In many cases they are even seen as the driving force. In this case from Pleidelsheim in Baden-Württemberg the mother even stabbed her. On 11 January 2018, after closing time, she lurks in front of the hairdresser's shop where her 18-year-old daughter works. Then the mother penetrates the shop, pulls a knife and stabs her several times. Afterwards, she goes after a friend who is present.

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born: 1984
Attempted murder: 14 September 2018
Place of residence: Bootstedt near Kiel
Origin: Iran
Children: min. 1 son (at act 6 y.)
Perpetrator: her husband (34 y.)

Niala lives with her husband and a 6-year-old son in a refugee shelter in Boostedt. In August 2018 the man is expelled because of violence against her. He is sent to a shelter in Neumünster. On September 14, he illegally gains access and stabbed his wife in her room. He is arrested. In the first instance neither the police nor the public prosecutor's office nor politicians report on the case.

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born: 1990
Attempted murder: 28 May 2018
Place of residence: Cologne-Meschenich
Origin: Romania / possible Roma
Children: 1 daughter, 1 son (at act 3 and 10 y.)
Perpetrator: her husband Ionut O. (at act 31 y.)

On May 28, 2018, a man stabbed his separated wife at Kölnberg in Cologne-Meschenich. With a gaping wound on her throat, she drags herself out of her apartment onto the street and collapses. Neighbours call the emergency doctor. The woman is operated on and survives. The perpetrator flees and is later arrested. The real name of the victim is not known. The voting district Kölnberg has the highest percentage of foreigners in Cologne.

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Melanie Rehberger
born: 1988
murdered: 25. May 2018
Place of residence: Berlin
Origin: Victim: Germany; Perpetrator: Bulgaria / presumed Roma
Children: probably none
Perpetrator: Stoyan A. (38 y.)

This murder may not be an honour killing, but a cover-up of an attempted rape. First the facts: On 25 May 2018, Stoyan suffocates the victim, Melanie. The body is found 2 days later in a green area in Pankow by a bottle collector. The crime scene is said to be about 300 m away from it. It is said that Melanie only wanted to get herself a cup of coffee in the afternoon.

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born: 1999
Attempted murder: 31 May 2018
Place of residence: Essen
Origin: Syria
Children: probably none
Perpetrator: a Syrian clan (10 men, 2 women, at act 22-46 y.)

A Syrian clan comes to Germany in the 2nd half of 2015. They move to the Ruhr area, where some family members have been living since 2012. In the summer of 2016 Sina is brought to Syria and at the age of 17 she is forcibly married to a Syrian who is almost 10 years older, possibly only in an imams marriage. Later the police finds a contract for the bride: 1000 dollars plus gold. Possibly the "husband" hopes for a residence permit in Germany.

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born: 1985
beaten to death: 3 January 2018
Place of residence: Grünenplan (Lower Saxony)
Origin: probably Afghanistan
Children: 3 daughters (4, 7, 9 y.)
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend (at act 32 y.)

Mina's family from Iran comes to Germany in autumn 2015. She has lived in Grünenplan in Holzminden County since early 2016. The police are called at least twice for domestic violence. In autumn 2017 the couple goes to a counselling centre. Mina says that they want to separate. Her husband tells the interpreter: "Too bad we're not in Afghanistan, I'd kill her there." The father of the family moves out of the shared apartment.

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Iuliana R.
born: 2003
stabbed: 11. June 2018
Place of residence: Viersen (NRW)
Origin: Victim: Romania; Perpetrator: Bulgaria
Children: none
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Matyu Kostov (at act 17 y.)

Iuliana is from Romania, has lived in Germany for about 4 years and goes to school. Matyu is from Bulgaria, has lived in Germany for about 10 years, does not go to school and does not work. Both live in Viersen. The teenagers are probably a couple for about 2 years. She separates. On 11 June 2018 Iuliana is on her way home from school. In the Viersen casino garden, a park with a drinking scene, Matyu lurks for her and stabs her.

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Marcella S. and her unborn child
born: 2001
Attempted murder: 6 September 2018
Place of residence: Duisburg
Origin: Perpetrator: Turkey
Children: she was pregnant
Perpetrator: her "ex-boyfriend" Rifai B. (at act 16 y.)

Marcella is 17, has an affair with the 1 year younger Rifai and becomes pregnant. She informs him in spring 2018. He then writes that no one should know. Otherwise he would kill her and the baby.

On 6 September the two meet for a walk. Rifai says his father would kill him if he found out about the baby.

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Olesija K.
born: 1989
Murdered: June 25, 2018
Place of residence: Gunzenhausen near Nuremberg
Origin: Kazakhstan
Children: 3 (at act 3, 7, 9 y.)
Perpetrator: her husband Georg K. (at act 31 y.)

One can read this murder as an honour killing, or as an act of madness, or as an extended suicide. The perpetrator is a Christian German, but a late repatriate from Kazakhstan, where 70 percent of the population is Muslim. Georg's occupation is indicated as worker. One can read this murder as an honour killing, or as an act of madness, or as an extended suicide.

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born: 1983
stabbed to death: 16. June 2018
Place of residence: Hannover
Origin: Perpetrator: Turkey
Children: unclear
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Bülent Icel (at act 57 y.)

End of May 2018 Jana reports her ex-boyfriend Bülent, who is more than 20 years older, as a threat. We are talking about stalking, a knife and a firearm. But nothing happens. In the early morning of 16 June, Bülent stabs his ex-girlfriend in the eastern city of Hanover. Residents hear the cries for help and call the rescue service. Jana dies in the hospital.

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Vara (and 3 children)
born: 1987
Attempted murder: 3 July 2018
Place of residence: Gießen
Origin: Syria
Children: 4 (at act 1 Mo. and 3, 6, 7 y.)
Perpetrator: her husband (36 y.)

Vara is 31 years old and has 4 children. On July 3, her husband stabbed her and the 3 older children in the family apartment. He sets fire to the apartment where 4 injured and one infant are lying. All of them would probably have been burnt if the fire brigade hadn't arrived in time. The perpetrator himself tries to flee, presumably wants to shimmy his way down from the first floor. But he falls and is seriously injured in a hospital.

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Sabrina S.
born: 1993
Attempted murder: 12 June 2018
Place of residence: Neumünster (near Kiel)
Origin: Victims: Germany; Perpetrators: Afghanistan
Children: 1 daughter (at act 10 Mo.), 2 sons (2 and 3 y.)
Perpetrator: her friend Hamid M. (34 y.)

Sabrina is 25 years old and 5 years together with the 9 years older Hamid from Afghanistan. The two have 3 small children. Hamid abuses his wife and children, locks them up, threatens and insults them. Sabrina was already in the women's shelter for domestic violence. On 12 June 2018 there will be a dispute late in the evening. Hamid stabs Sabrina.

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born: 1994
Shot: June 1, 2018
Place of residence: Hagen
Origin: unclear, perpetrator suspected Turkey
Children: min. 1 son
Perpetrator: her friend Adnan (25 y.)

Amanda and Adnan come from Lower Saxony and are visiting Hagen, NRW, probably with Adnan's family. It comes to an argument, Adnan shoots down his girlfriend. Amanda dies in the hospital. The perpetrator entrenches himself in the apartment of relatives, possibly together with a child, possibly with Amanda's son. After 4 hours, he gives up and is arrested.

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born: 2004
Attempted murder: 6 July 2018
Place of residence: Hamburg-Billstedt
Origin: Egypt
Children: none, she was only 14 y.
Perpetrator: her father Ibrahim S. (at act 44 y.)

Shayma's father Ibrahim has a recycling company or an import and export in Hamburg. On 6 July 2018 he beats up his 14-year-old daughter because she has a boyfriend. He chokes her to unconsciousness. Somehow Shayma can escape. She calls friends who call the police. The seriously injured woman is found at a bus station, taken to hospital and operated on.

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born: 1965
stabbed to death: July 15, 2018
Place of residence: Plüderhausen (near Stuttgart)
Origin: Perpetrator: Afghanistan
Children: min. 1 daughter
Perpetrator: the ex-boyfriend of his daughter, Amir Wafa (20 y.)

Amir (Aaamir) comes to Germany from Afghanistan at the end of 2015 and applies for asylum. He lives in Schorndorf near Stuttgart. In the night until 15 July 2018 he enters the house of his ex-girlfriend. He has a knife with him. The ex-girlfriend is 19 years old and separated from him a few weeks earlier. She is not at home. Her father hears suspicious noises and wants to close the window. Amir stabs him and flees.

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Jean B.
born: 1985
burned: 16 July 2018
Place of residence: Bielefeld
Origin: Victims: South America; Perpetrators: Kenya
Children: 2 daughters, 1 son
Perpetrator: her friend Silvester K. (at act 27 y.)

This case can be an honour killing - or drug violence: After the crime on 16 July 2018 witnesses report that they saw a naked woman burning at the window of a Bielefeld apartment. It is possible that the act was preceded by rape. Then Jean was poured over with a flammable liquid and set on fire. The perpetrator, Silvester from Kenya (elsewhere he is called George) is known to the police. Jean is flown to a special clinic in Bochum with life-threatening injuries. Should she survive, she will be disfigured for life.

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born: 1995
Attempted murder: 22 July 2018
Place of residence: Bonn
Origin: unclear, "migration background"
Children: probably none
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend (at act 23 y.)

Ayshe and her ex-boyfriend have foreign roots, were born in Bonn and have German citizenship. Their family origin is probably Turkey or Lebanon. The two are a couple, he is in the Bundeswehr. Shortly before the act she separates. On July 22, 2018, the soldier stabbed Ayshe in the throat on the open road. Passers-by intervene, call the police and rescue services, and the perpetrator flees. Ayshe comes to the hospital and survives seriously injured. The perpetrator is arrested the next morning.

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Nikola H.
born: 1999
stabbed to death: 9 July 2018
Place of residence: Neustadt (Rhineland-Palatinate)
Origin: Victim: Poland; Perpetrator: Turkey
Children: 1 son (at act 7 Mo. old)
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Osman Y. (22 y.)

Nikola was born in Poland, Osman in Germany. Osman beats up his girlfriend, they break up, he threatens her further. Osman moves to Germersheim, Nikola to Neustadt. The couple has a son together. On April 27, 2018, Osman is sentenced to probation for assault and battery. He had beaten and choked his ex-girlfriend. On July 9th, he kills her late at night. Neighbours hear the screams and call the police.

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born: 2011
Murder: 19 July 2018
Place of residence: Düsseldorf
Origin: Perpetrator: Egypt
Children: she herself was still a child
Perpetrator: her father Ahmed F. (at act 32 y.)

Ahmed is coming to Germany from Egypt in 2010. In the same year he marries Katharina, 12 years older. Daughter Sara is born. Probably it is a holiday flirt, who comes in this way to Germany. The family lives in Düsseldorf-Rath. Ahmed works as a garbage man, Katharina as a clerk in the city administration. On July 19, 2017, father and mother argue in a video call. Ahmed threatens his 7-year-old daughter with a pistol (probably a frightening gun). The mother calls the police. Ahmed is arrested. The emergency doctor cannot revive the girl.

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Mala and Lara
born: 2012, 2015
murdered: 28 July 2018
Place of residence: Dresden
Origin: Mozambique
Children: they were themselves children
Perpetrator: her father Eduardo A. (at act 55 y.)

Eduardo is from Mozambique and came to the GDR before the fall of the wall. He works as a nurse. Later he has a 20 years younger girlfriend, also from Mozambique, perhaps an imported bride. The two have 2 small daughters. The couple breaks up. On 28 July 2018 the daughters visit their father. When he does not bring them back, the mother alerts the police.

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born: 1986
Attempted murder: 29 July 2018
Place of residence: Dresden
Origin: Victims: Czech Republic; Perpetrators: Tunisia
Children: unclear
Perpetrator: a Tunisian (at act 29 y.)

Aneta is from the Czech Republic, her friend from Tunisia. Probably the following happened: On 29 July 2018 Aneta threatens to leave him. He stabbed her in the street. He hits her and threatens to kill her. The perpetrator is arrested, the victim is taken to the hospital. The warrant is for attempted manslaughter and assault. The correct names of those involved are not known.

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Mariam M.
born: 1995
Murder: August 8, 2018
Place of residence: Heek (Münsterland)
Origin: Russia
Children: 3 (3 Mo., 5 and 7 y.)
Perpetrator: her husband (31 y.)

Mariam is an asylum seeker from Russia, has 3 children at the age of 23, the youngest is 7. They live in the Münsterland Heek. The father lives separated in Mettmann near Düsseldorf. On August 8, the father brings the children to an acquaintance. On August 11, the acquaintance reports Mariam missing. The husband is arrested. The origin of the family is indicated with Russia. Having 3 children at the age of 23 would be quite unusual for a Russian.

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born: 1995
Attempted murder: 6 August 2018
Place of residence: Pforzheim
Origin: Eritrea
Children: 1 daughter (at act 1 y.)
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend (at act 27 y.)

On August 6, 2018, Makeda and her daughter in a pram will go for a walk in the Pforzheimer Stadtgarten in the evening. She is an asylum seeker from Eritrea. Her ex-boyfriend stabbed her in the throat. A witness calls the police. The perpetrator flees, the knife is found. Makeda comes to the clinic, undergoes emergency surgery and survives. The perpetrator is wanted. The night after the crime, the perpetrator is arrested in an asylum in Stuttgart.

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born: 2001
Attempted murder: 14 September 2018
Place of residence: Bad Liebenwerda (Brandenburg)
Origin: Iran
Children: 1 son
Perpetrator: her boyfriend (at act 29 y.)

In the late evening of 14 September 2018, neighbours in an apartment block in Bad Liebenwerda, Brandenburg, hear a quarrel. A 17-year-old Iranian woman is pushed from the balcony on the 4th floor. She falls 10 meters deep. Her friend flees with the bicycle. The young woman comes to the hospital and survives seriously injured. Later the boyfriend is caught. His arrest warrant is for attempted manslaughter.

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born: 1996
Attempted murder: 12-13 April 2018
Place of residence: Rendsburg (Schleswig-Holstein)
Origin: Syria
Children: 2
Perpetrator: her husband (at act 26 y.)

In spring 2016 Sila and her husband are coming from Syria to Germany. They live with their two children in Rendsburg, Schleswig-Holstein. On 13 April 2018 the father tries to cut off the head of his sleeping wife. The children are in the apartment at the time of the crime. The 22-year-old can save herself on the street, the perpetrator is arrested.

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born: 1980
Attempted murder: 19 September 2018
Place of residence: Berg (near Ravensburg)
Origin: Syria
Children: unclear
Perpetrator: her husband (at act 45 y.)

About summer 2016 Adiba and her husband come to Germany. Probably they have children, but nothing is known about it. Also not the right names of those involved. One separates. The man threatens the woman several times to kill her. On September 19, 2018, the husband gains access to the asylum of his separated wife and stabbs her with a kitchen knife.

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born: 1978
Murder: 9 August 2018
Place of residence: Berlin-Gesundbrunnen
Origin: Perpetrator: Afghanistan
Children: unclear
Perpetrator: her boyfriend (at act 21 y.)

On August 9, 2018, an Afghan kills his girlfriend early in the morning in her apartment. Neighbours hear screams. When the rescue workers arrive, the woman is dead. The man is seriously injured next to her. One can assume the following: The young man from Afghanistan has applied for asylum. A better way to get a residence permit would be a marriage and / or a child. A 40-year-old woman is willing to go along with it, maybe out of naivety, maybe out of a sense of adventure.

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Natalie B.
born: 1980
stabbed: 16. August 2018
Place of residence: Koblenz
Origin: Victim: presumed Germany; Perpetrator: Algeria
Children: 6
Perpetrator: her ex-husband Mourad Rahaoui (at act 43 y.)

Natalie has 5 children with Mourad and a daughter from a previous relationship. She divorces in 2016 and works as a courier driver. The children may live in an orphanage. Probably there is trouble about custody. Mourad scolds the Youth Welfare Office (and democracy) on Facebook. He may be accused of domestic violence.

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born: 1999
Attempted murder: 16 August 2018
Place of residence: Peterswald-Löffelscheid (near Koblenz)
Origin: Perpetrator: Turkey
Children: probably none
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend (at act 27 y.)

On August 16, 2018, a 27-year-old Turk gains access to his ex-girlfriend's apartment in Peterswald-Löffelscheid. He attacks her with a knife. The victim is able to save herself to her neighbours and is injured and taken to hospital. The perpetrator flees and hides in a cornfield where he is arrested the same evening. He refuses to testify. Ina is not the woman's real name.

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Anna S.
born: 1982
stabbed: 20. August 2018
Place of residence: Düsseldorf
Origin: Victim: Germany; Perpetrator: Iran
Children: probably none
Perpetrator: Ali Akbar Shahghaleh (at act 44 y.)

Ali is Iranian and has been in Germany since 2001. On August 20, 2018 he knocks down Anna in front of her door early in the morning. Then he stabs her. Witnesses are tracking the perpetrator. He also threatens them with a knife and escapes. A witness calls the ambulance. Anna dies in the hospital. Officials open the offender's apartment, but he is not there.

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Nari and Lukas
born: 1971, 1974
Attempted murder: 17 August 2018
Place of residence: Kerpen (NRW)
Origin: Victims: Thailand and Poland; perpetrators: Turkey
Children: ?
Perpetrator: Naris ex-husband Kemal (at act 43 y.)

Kemal works in a grocery store. On August 17, 2018, he goes on a parking lot in front of a supermarket with a butcher's hatchet to his 47-year-old ex-wife and her 3-year younger new boyfriend. The perpetrator is of Turkish origin, the woman is from Thailand, the new partner is from Poland. Kemal strikes until both are lying lifeless and covered in blood in the entrance.

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born: 2001
Murder: 12 September 2018
Place of residence: Hamm
Origin: Victim: Bulgaria; Perpetrator: Syria
Children: unclear
Perpetrator: a Syrian (at act 24 y.)

Wanja comes from Bulgaria, has her residence in the Netherlands and is for unknown reason in Westphalian Hamm. On September 12, her body is discovered in the bushes at an airfield. On the same evening a Syrian is arrested at the station. There is nothing known about the motif. So it can be an honour motive or not. The correct names of the participants are not known.

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Gülesen A.
born: 1972
Attempted murder: January 5, 2018
Place of residence: Hanau
Origin: Turkey
Children: 3
Perpetrator: her separated husband Aydin A. (at act 39 y.)

On the morning of 5 January 2018 Gülesen goes to work. Her husband Aydin, who lives separately, lurks in front of her front door and stabs her 21 TIMES. Neighbours hear the screams and attack the perpetrator. He flees, but is arrested an hour later. His motive is that his wife has separated, which he cannot accept. Gülesen comes to hospital, undergoes emergency surgery and survives.

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Sala-Edine R.
born: 1999
stabbed to death: 15. September 2018
Place of residence: Bad Soden / Taunus
Origin: Victim: Morocco; Perpetrator: Albania
Children: probably none
offender: his rival Muhamet S. (at act 17 y.)

Sala is a German-Moroccan, goes to school and works as a beach attendant at the Kinzig reservoir. He used to be with 17-year-old Marie. Today she is in a relationship with the German-Albanian Muhamet. In the late evening of September 15, 2018, the two men fight each other. It's about a phone call from Sala to Marie.

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born: 1968
shot dead: April 13, 2018
Place of residence: Köln
Origin: Perpetrator: Croatia
Children: several
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend (at act 49 y.)

Irina works as a temporary waitress in a restaurant in Cologne-Niehl. On April 13, 2018 she goes into the cellar to fetch drinks. Her ex-boyfriend follows her and shoots her. Then he shoots himself. The landlady finds the bodies on the bowling alley. Irina has several children, but not with the offender. Irina's real name and origin are unclear. Is this an honour killing? Also unclear.

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Emine A.
born: 1988
Shot: May 28, 2018
Place of residence: Salzgitter (Lower Saxony)
Origin: Albania
Children: 4 (at act 3-6 y.)
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Anton B. (at act 38 y.)

Emine and Anton are married 7 years according to Albanian clan rules, have 4 children and live near Osnabrück. Since the father is violent, Emine moves with the children to her Albanian family in Salzgitter at the end of 2017. On 28 May 2018 father and mother meet in court in a custody dispute.

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