Honour killing story

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Mala and Lara
born: 2012, 2015
murdered: 28 July 2018
Place of residence: Dresden
Origin: Mozambique
Children: they were themselves children
Perpetrator: her father Eduardo A. (at act 55 y.)
Eduardo is from Mozambique and came to the GDR before the fall of the wall. He works as a nurse. Later he has a 20 years younger girlfriend, also from Mozambique, perhaps an imported bride. The two have 2 small daughters.

The couple breaks up. On 28 July 2018 the daughters visit their father. When he does not bring them back, the mother alerts the police. The officers find the girls dead in the apartment.

This act does not have to be an honour killing. If, for example, it is an act of drug intoxication, we will remove the case from the archives again. Probably, however, the case is more like this: At the turn of the year there was already a report of domestic violence. The woman separates. In order to demonstrate his power, Eduardo murders his daughters. Their real names are not known.

One detail: There is a hint that the public prosecutor's office and the police did not want to make any further statements about the killing, but that the perpetrator had proceeded "extremely brutally". That could speak for a beheading. Perhaps the explanation "and also out of reverence towards the relatives" can be read exactly like this. From the same time there is a report in the ZDF today's news "Islamists under suspicion: people in Mozambique decapitated."

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