Honour killing story

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born: 2000
Attempted murder: 12 April 2018
Place of residence: Westerburg (near Koblenz)
Origin: Victim: Afghanistan; Perpetrator: Syria
Children: probably none
Perpetrator: a Syrian (at act 40 y.) and his two sons (15 and 17 years)
A young Syrian woman falls in love with Amir, a young Afghan. Her family is against it: since the end of 2016 she has been threatening the young Afghan, partly verbally, partly with violence.

On April 12, 2018, a 40-year-old Syrian sees the young Afghan on the street in Westerburg. He picks up his sons from home and attacks the young man. The sons detain him while the father stabs him. Amir survives only by luck. On the same evening the perpetrators are arrested. It is unclear, but probably they are father and brothers of Amir's girlfriend.

In September, charges are brought for attempted murder and assault. The correct names of those involved are not known.

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