Honour killing story

born: 2000
Attempted murder: 11 January 2018
Place of residence: Pleidelsheim (near Stuttgart)
Origin: Turkey
Children: probably none
Perpetrator: her mother (at act 41 y.)
Women can also be perpetrators of honour crimes. In many cases they are even seen as the driving force. In this case from Pleidelsheim in Baden-Württemberg the mother even stabbed her.

On 11 January 2018, after closing time, she lurks in front of the hairdresser's shop where her 18-year-old daughter works. Then the mother penetrates the shop, pulls a knife and stabs her several times. Afterwards, she goes after a friend who is present. The two young women are seriously injured and go to the hospital.

The mother is arrested on remand and remains silent. The daughter is considered to be severely endangered by other family members and is guarded around the clock. Ayse is not her real name.

The trial begins in August 2018 at the Stuttgart Regional Court. In October, the mother is sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for attempted manslaughter and dangerous bodily injury. The report concludes with the following information: "The injured daughter is now living with her family again. She did not testify against her mother in court."

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