Honour killing stories 2015

born: ?
attempted murder: 4 April 2015
Residence: Berlin
Origin: Victim: suspected Germany; perpetrator: Turkey
Children: none
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Yunus Y. (31 years)

Yunus was born in Turkey, comes to Berlin in 2012 and works as a construction worker. He obtains his residence permit by marrying a German-Algerian woman. He has a relationship with Mia. Mia works as a waitress in a trendy club in Berlin-Friedrichshain. She wants a divorce, which Yunus doesn't accept.

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Elena M.
born: 1984
attempted murder: 15 April 2015
Residence: Munich
Origin: Perpetrator: Syria; Victim: Lithuania
Children: 3 (between 2 and 8 years)
Perpetrator: her boyfriend Jandi I. (31 years)

Elena and the kitchen help Jandi have 3 common children. She lives according to his Muslim rules. But from about 2014 she will start to emancipate herself. Of course, Jandi doesn't like it: because she wears too much make-up and violates Islamic rules, he will pour boiling water over his girlfriend on 15 April 2015.

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Hanaa S.
born: 1980
murdered: 21/22 April 2015
Location: Solingen
Origin: Iraq / Kurds / Jesides
Children: 3 own children and 3 of her husband
Perpetrator: her husband Salim (41), her brother-in-law (24) and her son (17)

Hanaa was forcibly married at the age of 15 by her Yezidi clan in Iraq. Later she lives with her husband and 3 children in Düsseldorf. Hanaa also takes care of 3 children from her husband's first marriage. It is said that she is being held as a slave. Besides being beaten by her husband, she is controlled by the head of the Yezidi family in Iraq.

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Oulad B./ Aicha B.
born: 1975
Stabbed to death: 7 May 2015
Residence: Munich
Origin: Victim: Morocco; perpetrator: Iraq
Children: 3 ( 4, 7 and 9 years)
Perpetrator: her husband Abdul M. / Saheb M. (53 years)

Oulad comes from Morocco and has a Spanish passport. In 2003 she married the Iraqi Abdul, who has lived in Munich since 1998. The two have two girls and a son. Abdul works as a lathe operator, loses his job in 2009 and no longer works. Oulad works as a cleaner in a hotel. In 2013, Oulad files a complaint against her husband for domestic violence, but withdraws it.

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born: 1980
attempted murder: 2014/2015
Location: Mönchengladbach
Origin: unclear, probably Turkey
Children: 1 son and she was pregnant
Perpetrator: her boyfriend Ugur (31 years)

In the summer of 2014, Ugur is said to be trained as a terrorist in Syria, but will return to Mönchengladbach at the end of September. He belongs to the circle of the Salafist preacher Sven Lau. According to the Islamic rite, Ugur is married to three women. One of them has a son from a previous relationship who is 11 years old at the trial. She is highly pregnant.

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born: 1979
burned: 24 November 2015
Location: Bergen / Celle
Origin: Turkey / Iraq / Kurds / Yazidi
Children: 5 (7-17 years)
Perpetrator: her husband Sadun B. (35 years old, presumably older)

On 24 November 2015 Sadun will pour petrol on his wife in the living room and set her on fire. She burns alive. The 5 children are in school. Two weeks later she dies of burns. The perpetrator is also briefly treated in the hospital, but then goes into hiding.

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born: 1991
stabbed to death: 27 November 2015
Location: Wörth / Palatinate
Origin: Afghanistan
Children: 1 son
Perpetrator: her husband (31 years)

Zada and her husband live in a refugee apartment in Wörth. Zada will be stabbed there in November 2015. She is bleeding to death. Neighbours call the police. The policemen find the body in the corridor and arrest the blood-stained husband. In June 2016, the lawsuit will start before the Landau court. It appears that a report of domestic violence has already been made.

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born: 1998
attempted murder: 17 November 2015
Residence: Bad Endorf / Munich
Origin: Afghanistan
Children: 1 daughter (8 months)
Perpetrator: her "husband" Suliman N. (21 years)

In a mosque in Munich Amina was married at the age of 16 to Suliman, who is 4 years older. However, they are only married for Islam by an Imam, which is not recognised in Germany. Who is the driving force behind the marriage to a minor is unclear. It could be Amina's family. It could be that Suliman hopes for a German passport and a residence permit. But it could also be that Amina was in love.

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born: 1996
attempted murder: 28 November 2015
Residence: Ahlhorn near Oldenburg
Origin: Iraq
Children: unclear
Perpetrator: her husband Abdul (21 years)

Alia and Abdul will come to Germany as refugees from Iraq in October 2015. They pretend to be brother and sister. In reality, they have probably been forcibly married for 2 years. Abdul lives in a refugee house, Alia with a sister in Ahlhorn. On 28 November 2015, Abdul chases his wife on the street.

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born: 1993
attempted murder: 28 November 2015
Location: Ebersberg (near Munich)
Origin: Victim: Germany; perpetrator: Jordan
Children: 1 Daughter (5 years)
Perpetrator: her fiancé Mohammed D. (22 years)

The 23-year-old doctors-assistant Johanna has a 5-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. She is engaged to Mohammed, whose profession is described as a butcher or janitor. The wedding is scheduled for May 2016. But Johanna feels locked up and wants to "postpone" the wedding. Mohammed sees this as a violation of his honour and threatens to kill her.

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Tevrat Yildiz
born: 1986
Shot dead: May 31, 2015
Residence: Duisburg
Origin: Turkey / probably Kurds
Children: 1 son
Perpetrators: Süphan and Mazlum Osmanoglu, the sons of his girlfriend (16 & 24 years)

Tevrat lives apart from his wife. On 31 May 2015 he will visit his girlfriend Sükrün A. (42 years old). Both are of Turkish origin. Tevrat's divorced wife is Bulgarian. Two men kick the door in. They are two sons of the "lovers". They want to restore their family honour and shoot Tevrat. His "mistress" (their mother) has been shot.

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born: 1981
attempted murder: 22 December 2015
Residence: Kaltenkirchen (near Hamburg)
Origin: unclear
Children: unclear
Perpetrator: unclear, probably from the family

Maybe this act is not an honour killing, and maybe this case does not belong in this archive. In the first instance, it is "only" an attempted murder: on December 22, 2015, Ana takes her garbage can from the street to the courtyard of the house. An unsub approaches from behind, pours flammable liquid over her and sets her on fire. She comes to a special clinic with burns and survives.

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Kader Dogru
born: 1990
beaten to death: 5/6 June 2015
Location: Oer-Erkenschwick (NRW)
Origin: Turkey
Children: 1 daughter (9 years)
Perpetrator: unclear; suspect: her husband Orhan Dogru (41 years)

Kader gets her daughter when she's sixteen. The father is her husband, Orhan, who is 16 years older. His profession is referred to as a lorry driver. In June 2015, he will report his wife missing. On 10 June, a walker finds the body half naked in Waltrop located on the Dortmund-Ems Canal.

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born: 1971
attempted murder: 12 June 2015
Residence: Germersheim (Rhineland-Palatinate)
Origin: Turkey
Children: 2 (16 and 24 years)
Perpetrator: her husband Levent K., divorced from her husband (47 years)

On 12 June 2015, Levent is lurking in front of his divorced wife's house, pouring a flammable liquid over her and trying to set her on fire. The 16-year-old son prevents the deed. Levent flees and is later arrested near the crime scene.

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born: unclear
attempted murder: 30 June 2015
Residence: Cologne-Buchheim
Origin: unclear, possible offender: Pakistan with British passport
Children: unclear
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Mustafa (47 years)

It is a difficult question whether this case should be included in this archive. Mustafa probably suffers from a bipolar disorder, so the court classifies him as completely insanitary. On 30 June 2015 he rapes his ex-girlfriend in a detached house in Cologne-Buchheim.

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Andreea O.
born: 1989
murdered: June 5, 2015
Location: Brandenburg an der Havel
Origin: Romania / possible Roma
Children: 1 son, 1 daughter (4 and 10 years)
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Viorel N. (32 years)

Andreea sells the homeless newspaper for a supermarket in Brandenburg an der Havel. However, she is not homeless, but has an apartment (unclear) where she lives with her friend Viorel. Her two children live with her grandmother in Bacau, Romania. Whether Viorel is the father is unclear.

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Funda K.
born: 1981
attempted murder: 1 July 2015
Location: Marl / NRW
Origin: Turkey
Children: 1 daughter (6 years)
Perpetrator: her husband Ersoy K. (39 years)

Ersoy is an electrical engineer born in Marl. In 2002 he meets his wife Funda, who grew up in Turkey. In 2009 they have a daughter. Due to domestic violence Funda separates in 2014 and moves with her daughter to Haltern am See. Ersoy is prohibited from approaching Funda. There is a dispute about maintenance payments. On 1 July 2015 Ersoy will leave for Haltern in spite of an approach ban.

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Belinda Akinyi A.
born: 1986
Stabbed to death: 30 July 2015
Residence: Erfurt
Origin: Kenya
Children: 2 sons (2 and 6 years)
Perpetrator: her boyfriend Ismail Nagi Z. (28 years)

Belinda comes to Germany as an aupair. She is abused and goes to a house. Through the internet she meets a German who becomes the father of her first son. The son gives Belinda a permanent residence permit in 2010; she separates from the father of the child. After that she is back with her ex-boyfriend Ismail, who temporarily lives with her and is probably also violent. It is unclear whether he is the father of the second son.

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born: 1986
stabbed: August 9, 2015
Residence: Modautal (near Darmstadt)
Origin: Victim: Germany; Offender: Turkey
Children: 2 (7 and 10 years)
Perpetrator: her husband Enver G. (34 years)

On 16 November, Nadine meets Enver, who is 6 years older. First they live with their parents, get married and have a son and a daughter. During the 13-year relationship there are repeated threats (including death threats). Nadine has to break off her contacts, also with her parents. She is not allowed to leave alone, she is not allowed to go to her employer's Christmas party, her mobile phone is being checked.

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Anthony C.
born: 1994
Attack: 8 August 2015
Residence: Frankfurt/M.
Origin: Victim: Pakistan; perpetrator: Turkey
Children: none
Perpetrator: Tolunay (19 years old), the brother of his girlfriend

Is this an attempt at honour killings? To answer this question, you need to examine the motive. Because the motive of the murder makes whether it is honour killings or not. In the courtroom, the perpetrator mentions frustration as the motive. If that's his motive, it's not an honour killing. Are there indications that another motive was involved? Here is the story, as far as known: Tolunay is training to become a hairdresser. His parents are divorced, the respective families are divided.

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born: 1987
attempted murder: 14-15 August 2015
Location: Bielefeld / Bonn
Origin: Iraq / Kurds
Children: none
Perpetrators: her brothers (37 and 44 years old)

28-year-old Susa has a boyfriend she wants to marry. He is 33 years old and probably has a daughter from his first marriage. Susa has also been divorced before. It is possible that her first marriage was a forced marriage. Her family is from Iraq. Susa's brothers live in Bonn-Sank Augustin and in the Netherlands and do not agree with the wedding. At a sick brother in Bonn-Oberkassel the brothers meet Susa on August 14, 2015 and knock her unconscious.

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Dalia T.
born: 1983
killed: 17 August 2015
Residence: Trier
Origin: Syria / Kurds
Children: 3 (1-3 years)
Perpetrator: her husband Saoud (32 years)

In the summer of 2015 Dalia and her husband Saoud will come to Germany as refugees from Syria. His profession is referred to as a construction worker. They have their two three-year-old twins and a child with them. Elsewhere it is said that the children are 5, 4 and a half years old. The family is housed in a double room in Trier. On 17 August 2015 Saoud murdered his wife with a chair leg in front of his children.

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born: 1994
Shot: September 11, 2015
Residence: Herbolzheim near Freiburg
Origin: Turkey
Children: probably none
Perpetrator: her stepfather Murat (42 years old)

Kübra works as a beautician in a beauty salon in Freiburg and is well integrated. In the summer of 2015 her stepfather Murat threatens to kill her in an argument. He sees his claim to power in the family threatened. The family is forbidden to approach her. On September 11, 2015, Murat enters the beauty salon and shoots his stepdaughter in front of her colleagues with 3 shots. Then he surrenders to the police and hands over the gun to the police. Kübra dies in the hospital.

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born: 1969
burned: 8 September 2015
Residence: Hamburg
Origin: Afghanistan
Children: 4
Perpetrator: her husband Mohamad (47 years)

In 1995 Homa and her husband Mohamad came from Afghanistan with 3 children as refugees to Germany. Homa works as a kitchen helper, her husband Mohamad is an unemployed guard. That's why he accompanies and controls his wife every step of the way. When she takes a shower in the morning of 8 September 2015, he enters the bathroom. He says "Look" and pours three litres of hot oil on her face. As a reason he will declare in court that he wanted to make her unattractive to other men.

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born: 1976
stabbed to death: 2 October 2015
Residence: Heilbronn
Origin: Turkey
Children: 4
Perpetrator: her ex-husband (40 years)

On 2 October a man murders his ex-wife in the early morning in the station area of Heilbronn. First he tries to strangle her with her headscarf. Then he stabs a knife in her chest and back 15 times. Finally he cuts her throat. A passer-by finds the seriously injured woman around 5 o'clock and calls the police. The victim dies at the scene of the crime.

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Rokstan Malak
born: 1995
stabbed to death: 2 October 2015
Location: Bitterfeld / Dessau
Origin: Syria / Kurds
Children: she may have been pregnant
Perpetrator: probably her family: father Hasso / Hisso Malak, mother Roda, 2 brothers

Rockhstan is a 20-year-old interpreter from Syria. Since 2013 she lives in Germany, first with her family, then in a women's shelter in Bitterfeld. Under pressure she returns to her family. Rokstan is considered to be well integrated in Germany. A photo shows her in a grey sweatshirt without a headscarf.

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Nadine Ertugrul born: 1979 Strangled: 12 October 2015 Residence: Ludwigsburg (near Stuttgart) Origin: Victims: Germany; Offenders: Turkey Children: 2 (3 and 5 years) Perpetrator: her husband Ramazan (41 years) Ramazan works as a machine operator for a car manufacturer. He lives with his wife Nadine in Ludwigsburg-Eglosheim. However, it is said that the couple are divorced and that both have new relationships. Nadine works for Porsche. On October 12, 2015, Ramazan will strangle his wife (or beats her neck), probably in the hobby room of her house. read Nadine's story
Lareeb Khan
born: 1995
Strangled: 27/28 January 2015
Location: Darmstadt
Origin: Pakistan
Children: probably not
Perpetrator: her father Assadullah K. (51 years) and her mother Shazia (41 years)

Lareeb is a 19-year-old woman from Pakistan with a German passport. She learns to become a dental assistant and is in love with a young man named Raheel T. who is also from Pakistan and has a German passport. He studies and drives a taxi as a side job. The parents do not approve of the relationship, probably because they have already promised or sold their daughter to someone else. The two parents are also married by their parents in Pakistan.

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born: 1972
attempted murder: 15 September 2015
Residence: Bensheim (near Darmstadt)
Origin: Sri Lanka / Tamil
Children: 2 daughters (5 and 11 years)
Perpetrator: her husband Annalatas S. (47 years)

Annalatas comes to Germany in 1992 as a refugee from Sri Lanka. His parents gave him a wife from his homeland in 2005. Because of the unclear residence status (and perhaps also because of his behaviour) Katharina probably lives temporarily in France. After the birth of her second daughter she came to Germany and quickly learned good German, unlike him. He works at McDonald's, she takes care of the two daughters.

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born: 1989
murdered: November 16, 2015
Location: Laaber near Regensburg
Origin: Iraq
Children: 3 (3, 6, 8 years)
Perpetrator: her husband Jumaah Khezaier Abbas (31 years)

Banu was forcibly married at the age of 16 by her parents in Iraq to the teacher Jumaah Khezaier Abbas. They have 3 children. In February 2015 the family comes to Germany as refugees from Baghdad. In September they move to a house near Regensburg. The father is proud that he is or has been part of the Iraqi national football team. You can find on the internet that he was active for the football clubs SV Türk Genclik Regensburg and TSV Großberg.

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Diana K.
born: 1987
Stabbed to death: 13 September 2015
Residence: Munich
Origin: Bulgaria / possibly Roma
Children: 1 son (2 years)
Perpetrator: Angel R. (38), her sister's ex-boyfriend

Angel first has an affair with Diana in Bulgaria. Then he decides to choose for a relationship with her younger sister Snezhana (26 years). They have 2 children (born about 2009 and 2012). Angel is violent. Later he will claim in court that in Bulgaria it is normal to beat up your own wife. The father of the family receives from the EU a loan of 150,000 euros for agriculture. The company goes bankrupt. The family will come from Bulgaria to Germany in 2013.

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Marget and Katrin
born: 1982, 1981
Stabbed to death: 4 January 2015
Residence: Lüneburg
Origin: Iraq / Kurds / Jesides
Children: Marget 3, Katrin 2
Perpetrator: Marget's husband Ziad Karnous (37 years)

It is likely that Ziad came to Germany as a refugee from Iraq around 2003. He marries his cousin (not 1st degree) Marget Karnous and takes her name. They have three children (8, 9, 11 years old). Even after 11 years in Germany, Ziad speaks only broken German. He works as a kitchen helper. The family is inconspicuous until the crime. Marget and Ziad are Yazidi. But Marget wants to divorce and become a Christian.

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